You’re probably wondering what this is all about.



Well,I’ll start with my name. I’m Rocky the Bull Terrier, but some call me Rocky the Traveller.  You see, I firmly believe that life is too short (especially our breed) to just live and see one corner of the world. So I use my four paws to take me around the world and see everything.


I’m as curious as they come, about everything from the lush green fields of the Highlands in Scotland to the vast, 95-mile stretch of impressive awe-inspiring beauty in England’s Jurassic Coast and to the relaxing atmosphere of Parisian cafes. So I invite you to join me on a journey across the world that’s sure to exhilarate, and if nothing else get you on your feet and see the world for yourself!

My wild journey brought me to the very edges of England and I’ve left a blazing trail of big paw prints along the way. I’ve seen the rest of the UK including: Scotland, Wales and cities across England. But it hasn’t stopped there. Europe is vast and colorful, I’ve set out to experience every cultural beat and listen to the wide array of languages throughout the continent-and drink every country dry.

Coffee in Italy? Check! Baguettes in France? check? Czech beer? Czech! Fast cars in Monaco? I’ve lived it! I’ve gone and marked my territory throughout most of Western Europe.

And what’s a good adventure without a pal? I’ve brought along my favourite human along with me: Danny, a travelling journalist and wanna-be novelist. We lean on each other during our trips and sometimes we may not agree on everything and call each other stubborn (he’s the stubborn one), but he’s been with me since I was small enough to fit myself inside a washing machine.

This crazy ride has been awesome so far but it’s not over yet and the list will keep growing as I travel around the world!


-Rocky the Traveller