10 supplies you need to pack for a road trip with your pet (Condé Nast Traveler)

Who says you need to fly anywhere to go on an adventure? With the current pandemic, more people are opting for staycations which makes it much easier for pets to come along for the ride.

If you’re planning a road trip with your furry friend, Condé Nast Traveler put together a list of ten essential supplies to make your travels with your pet easier.

The list includes the brands that Condé Nast recommended but similar options are also available elsewhere.

  1. Pet seat cover: A good waterproof car seat cover will help avoid your seats from becoming a furry mess. Condé Nast recommends the URPOWER pet seat cover which can be found on Amazon.
  2. A crash-test dog car harness: The safety of your pet should of course be the first priority when it comes to traveling. Condé Nast recommends the Kurgo harness from Petco.
  3. A pet bed or crate: If you’re in the car for a long period of time you might want to consider a pet bed or a crate for the comfort of your dog. Condé Nast recommends Sleepypod pet bed for smaller pets and a crate from Diggs for larger pets.
  4. Water bottle: It should go without saying that dogs need to drink water. There’s lots of travel water bottles with Condé Nast recommending the leak proof Woof & Barc water bottle.
  5. Pet tote bag or pet friendly backpack: For roadside excursions or hikes having a tote to carry your pet will give you more freedom to explore local spots. A pet-friendly backpack is also a great option. For the pet tote bag Condé Nast recommends Love Thy Beast Canvas tote and for the backpack it recommends K9’s Sport Sack Plus 2.
  6. Handheld vacuum: In the case that you didn’t pack item #1 on the list, then a powerful handheld vacuum will come in handy to get rid of all those pet hairs (especially if you are renting a car). Homasy’s pet vacuum is recommended by Condé Nast.
  7. Travel food bowl: As with water, food is also a necessity for your pet and while you could use your hands to feed them, a bowl would be much easier (and cleaner). Condé Nast suggests the Max Bone travel food bowl.
  8. A toy: If you’re on a long road trip it’s likely your dog will get bored at some point so it’s a great idea to pack a chew toy or some other sort of toy like a puzzle. Condé Nast’s suggestion? The Wild One bolt bite toy which is a chew toy and features open ends for hiding treats (don’t forget treats).
  9. Grooming wipes: For any emergency spills or muddy paws, wet wipes will be useful to have on hand. Check out Pure+Good grooming wipes which are hypoallergenic and pH-balanced.
  10. Poop bag dispenser: You will need somewhere to house all those poo bags. A dispenser will make it easier for you to carry around poo bags and to grab one quickly when for when nature calls for your dog (or for you if you’re camping, no judgement). Condé Nast recommends the stylish Boo’oh Toto bag.
Photo by Jesus Trevizo from Pexels

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