11 MUST-HAVES for a ROAD TRIP with your DOG!

It’s summer time which means fun adventures with your four-legged best friend (and doggy ice cream too!)

If you’re planning on going on a road trip with your dog and not sure what to pack, then worry not! I am gonna show you the top eleven things you need to pack when you go on a road trip with your pooch! I will also be sure to go over the most important thing you should pack when going on a road trip with your dog!


Now, I am of course talking about a road trip within the country that doesn’t require pet passports or anything like that. So it’s just mostly the things you’ll need to keep your dog safe and going.

Rocky and I have road tripped all over Europe, the US, and the UK and trust me when I say it’s a fun adventure for both you and your dog! Little road trips that lead to incredible adventures could be some of the most memorable that you and your pup will ever share!

“Rocky I said get in the car, not on the car”

So that being said it’s important to make sure you guys are ready for the adventure!

A quick tip and first and foremost, make sure your dog is already used to the idea of going in the car and is desensitized to all the traffic noise and the motion! It won’t be fun at all if you’re going on a road trip and they’re not used to a car. So I would suggest desensitization, exposing them to the environment of being in a car and having small trips here and there!

Photo of Rocky in Benz if possible

Alright my friends, let’s get started and I will show you guys 11 things to pack on a road trip!

1. Seatbelts (or seat harnesses)

You gotta keep your dog safe in the car. It’s no fun if you’re driving along and all of a sudden you hit the brakes and your dog goes flying across the car. Not to mention, it’s quite dangerous! So you have quite a few options for your road trip!

There are very basic doggy seatbelts out there which you can buy in any pet store or online. It fastens to the car’s buckle and then you clip it onto your dog’s harness and that’s it!

Fastening the doggy seat belt
Clipping to harness
Rocky’s now all buckled in

Of course there are plenty of other seatbelts and seat harnesses, etc. that keep your dog safe while in the car such as seat harnesses, seat covers and more which you can look into and see which one would be your best option. If your dog is not quite the car seat type of dog, then consider putting them in a small and secure crate that will stay tied down in the car.

Rocky in the back seat inside of a full car seat cover
He looks happy, right? Right?

2. Treat and snacks!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen some of my closest friends and family get pretty hangry while on a road trip! The hunger just kicks in if there’s no food, then the fun of the trip goes out the window. As humans we make sure to either stop somewhere for food or carry road trip snacks. Well guess what? Your dog is quite similar in that regard and they’ll get pretty hungry and might get a bit irritated (or irritating) So bring some snacks and treats for them. As to where will you put these snacks? Well, this leads me to my next one.


Rocky loves his treats!

3. Backpack

I carry a backpack for Rocky when I go on a road trip because it makes things much easier when you gotta carry around different things. In a backpack I carry pretty much everything he needs during the road trip. Including the next thing on our list!

Me, Rocky and a backpack!

4. Water

You gotta keep your dog hydrated, especially in the summer months when they’ll be panting like crazy! Carry around a couple of filled up bottles if possible and make sure you have access to be able to refill it. The doggy travel water bottles are sold all over the places and very inexpensive. Rocky is quite weird in that he likes drinking from the tap (faucet) so he likes it to be poured down. Some dogs are like this too which means squirt water bottles could also work too! But if you don’t have a water bottle then make sure you carry around the next item!


5. Bowl 

When you’re traveling it’s still important of course to feed and keep your dog hydrated. It’s quite handy to have a bowl to pour water or food in there. I highly suggest a collapsible bowl so you can save space. These types of bowls are also quite inexpensive and can be found online or at your local pet store. With a bowl you’ll be able to give your dog water and feed them to keep their bellies full which leads me to my next item!

A collapsible bowl for water or food

6. Poo bags

Now nobody I know likes to step on dog poo. It’s one of the worst things you can experience. But it happens. I realize that sometimes it’s not always possible to pick your dog’s poo up, especially when they’re running free in nature. But for me I still carry some poo bags around (I have a few in virtually every pant, or pair of shorts I own), especially when we do urban exploration and have to walk in a city. I definitely don’t want to get a fine for leaving poo in the city.

Carrying a poo bag after Rocky’s done his business
Now I have to carry this stinky bag until I find a bin!

7. Leash/collar/harness

It’s nice for your dog to be able to run around freely but there are times when you need to take them on a walk and they have to be leashed. For example in public places, or heritage sites, or the city. So make sure you carry around a collar or harness as well as a leash!

8. Dog bed/blanket

If your dog is anything like Rocky, then they will want to get as comfortable as they can. So it’s nice to be able to give them a little blanket or dog bed on the road. Also some hotels will definitely appreciate it if you carry a dog bed.

My own bed!

9. Toys

I remember when I was a kid and I would sit in the back of the car during a long drive and my mind would wander and then I would get restless and wish I had some toys to play with. Guess what? Your dog might get bored too so you definitely want to pack a couple of toys for the trip so they can play in the car or while they’re on the adventure!

Rocky with his favorite toy!
Looking for treats!
Toys to keep your brain active!

10. Weather packing

Before you leave, check the weather to see what it’s like in the place you’re going. If it’s rainy, I recommend packing a small little rain coat. There’s little doggy rain ponchos that are very inexpensive and you can easily fold them and put them in your backpack. You can always carry an umbrella of course if your dog is not a fan of coats. In the case of cold weather, there are tons of coats, and in the case of summer, I suggest going for a cooling down bandana!

A simple little poncho
Rocky’s cool down bandana
Ready for cold weather

And last but certainly not least!

11. Pet first aid kit

Probably the most important thing you can carry! A small little first aid kit for your dog could go a long way in keeping them safe and sound, especially if you’re planning on doing some hiking.

Here’s an example of a pet first aid kit. This one is called Pawly and brings an assortment of different items! There’s tons more like it online!

Going out in nature or even walking through the city streets or the beach can expose your dog to many things. You don’t want to have your dog’s paws get cut by the rocks and not be prepared for that. There are tons of different kinds of doggy first aid kits and they can include things like an ointments, flea and tick medication, bandages, etc. or other medicine. Also keep your vet’s emergency number handy!

Items in a pet first aid kit!

As for where to get one, you can easily find them online and order one!

Well that wraps up our top 11 things to carry with your dog on a road trip! I hope this helps you prepare for you and your best friends’ adventure!

We’ve packed all our stuff now, have you?

For a full run-down of our 11 things, check out our Youtube video below and if it helps then consider subscribing. We plan on bringing you more great dog travel tips such as this so stay tuned!


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