9 fun indoor activities to entertain your dog during isolation

With much of the world now gone into either quarantine or self-isolation, dogs are getting to spend much more time with their humans than ever before!

But this also means that dog parks, group dog walks and other fun outdoor activities are now limited for the foreseeable future!

Don’t stay at home and sleep all day

But worry not! Below are nine activities that could entertain your dog while your locked inside your home.


  1. Puzzle/interactive toys: This could entertain your dog for a long time. It also has the added benefit of keeping their minds sharp as they try to find ways to solve puzzles and obtain treats.
  2. Treat rug: Also called a sniff rug or snuffle rug. You can make this yourself and there are tons of guides that will teach you how to. You can load up the rug with treats and watch your dog immerse themselves as they use their nose to find every crumb.
  3. Hide and seek: A great game to play if you have enough space in your home. Make sure your dog knows you have a treat and then go and hide and wait until they find you! Give them treat if they do!
  4. Tug of war: A classic game to play with your dog that can tire them out quickly!
  5. Build small dens for your dog: This can involve pillows, blankets and more! You can hide treats around the den to get your dog sniffing around and keep them occupied while at the same time comfortable!
  6. Teaching new tricks: With this coronavirus outbreak going on, maybe it’s time to polish up those dog training skills and teach your dog a new trick or two! It keeps their mind engaged and keeps them sharp! Plus it’s great bonding time, just like all of these other activities!
  7. Chew toys: Make sure the toys are safe to chew. A good chew toy can provide hours of boredom relief.
  8. Fetch: If you have the space, you can either toss treats, toys, or other things that your dog might be interested in. Watch them get tired quickly!
  9. Treasure hunt: Hide treatsĀ  anywhere around the house, but make it easy first in a small area they know well and gradually build up to tougher hunts!

Can you think of any more?

A public service announcement

Watch the video below! Stay safe and grab that toilet paper!


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