A Bull Terrier goes to Cambridge

Have you ever come back to your home country and found yourself speaking another language after spending time in another country?

Well, it happened to us after spending a week or so in the French Alps and in Paris. We came back to the UK speaking (and barking) in French. But it looks like once you enter the port city Dover, UK, it’s not unheard of to hear a bit of the French language.

Another detail we noticed when we returned to England was just how much more open everyone was to petting me. I noticed in other countries in Europe, not everyone stops to pet me, rather they usually smile, or they ask politely to pet me. In the UK and US, people come down to me and pet me like a little puppy. I love both approaches, so long as I get my attention.

Anyway, I’m getting out of hand. What is this blog entry about? It’s about Cambridge! If you’re ever thinking of going there, I’ve got you covered! 

A while ago I came upon this marvelous town on a slightly grey summer day. I had the quite the adventure and on a whim, I spilled the beans on my incredible journey there. But while that was straight from the crazy mouth of a happy bull terrier, I figured this time around I can give you some wise and more practical advice if you’re planning on taking a trip to Cambridge.

What to expect?

Cambridge is an historic university and the colleges are spread across the town. You can’t miss them either as they are breathtaking to behold.

I personally tried to enter one of the colleges but unfortunately my bull terrier charm didn’t carry me all the way in there! Danny said maybe another university might be more open-minded to letting our kind in.



Trying to enter the main campus
A cornucopia of magnificent buildings
My bowtie. Do I look scholarly enough for Cambridge? The crooked tie was on purpose, it’s a new look!

We spent some time at the King’s College, as well as other colleges such as Corpus Christi College, and St. Catharine’s College.

A happy boy in Cambridge

Expect a lot of bicycles!

As expected in a student town, there are plenty of bicycles around. So far the top three cities I’ve been to with an impressive amount of bicycles include Cambridge, Oxford and of course, Amsterdam!

So many bicycles

While we didn’t get a chance to explore the city on bike, we were happy to know that the town is very bicycle friendly so maybe on our next meeting we can check it out!

St. Catharine’s College

You can also expect to see gorgeous scenery and architecture.

This was a cool little stand in which the guy gave me a free hot dog!
Even the walls have bicycles in them
Take a gander at this bridge!

Go Punting!

After exploring the town around on foot (or bicycle if you have one), I recommend hopping on a punting tour which is a unique way to take a look around Cambridge. We went via the Scudamore’s punting tours and they did a fantastic job!


The art of punting
This is our punt, there are many like it, but this one is ours

I wore my yellow raincoat because in the UK, you never know when it might suddenly rain! (Or if there’s a scary clown hiding in a sewer)

I’ve drawn a bit of attention I see
On our boat with our tour guide

We went on a big punting tour which included about 8-10 other people and a young woman who rowed the boat for us. There are plenty of college students who do the rowing for you and who are familiar enough with the town to show you around!

Of course, if you don’t want much company, you can rent out a punt for yourself and your friend(s) but one of you is going to have to do all the rowing.

Me and our friend Paula
I can’t stay seated!
Tour Guide: Please keeps arms and feet inside at all times. Me:
Taking a closer look. That water looks nice! Bet it’s cold
Going under the many lovely bridges in Cambridge
“Are you taking photos of my bum?”
Another magnificent bridge!
Light at the end
Okay, I’m ready to have a seat now
Watching the punters go by
What an incredible ride!
Made some new friends in the boat
Some of the sights
The end of our little journey

Now that I’ve shown you the town via walking and punting, I guess the only way left to see it is by cycling, or..by video: Check out our Cambridge adventure with moving pictures and sound (video).

Cambridge was quite the ol’ English town and to really appreciate English culture I think you must come and visit! If you do, go to the Hot Dog stand by Scudamore’s and tell them Rocky the Bull Terrier sent you!

Here’s our Cambridge podcast!

See you guys on the next adventure!

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