A Bull Terrier travels to the dog friendly Isle of Wight

After many years of longingly looking beyond the southern English coast at the tiny island known as Isle of Wight and wishing I could visit it, I finally set my paws on the island this year.

Me, my human Danny and his friend Sophie hopped on a car and set off toward the city of Portsmouth and then sat on a ferry for about 30 minutes until we reached the Isle of Wight. I had heard many great things about the Isle of Wight. First of all, it’s an island and surrounded by waters and we love the beach (though waves scare me!). Secondly, the isle is known as one of the most dog friendliest places in the UK. Third, it’s a new place for me to explore so I was really excited!

All aboard!

Unlike the ferries from UK to France, this ferry actually lets you board with your dog, however there’s only a few sections where we are allowed to go on in the inside. In our ferry, we were only permitted in the top level.


Shielding my eyes from the sunlight
The top level of the ferry
Me and Danny chilling at the top, where we belong

As I said, the ferry ride wasn’t long at all. In the time it took me to sniff my own butt, we arrived at the seaside town of Ryde and had some breakfast then walked around for a bit. It didn’t take us long to find a dog friendly cafe and we ate breakfast at the BagelWrap Cafe which I highly recommend if you have a dog (which you probably have if you’re reading this!). We also got to enter a few gift shops which set the tone for the rest of the trip as the Isle of Wight being very dog friendly.

High street Ryde

Once we set our bags down in our apartment we then left to explore the Isle of Wight! Our first stop was Carisbrooke Castle!

If you didn’t know yet, dogs are indeed allowed in here! I was wagging my tail non-stop!

The castle grounds are vast and by the end of our visit here, my paws were thoroughly exhausted.

Carisbrooke Castle
Just doing my job of manning (dogging) the cannons!
Am I doing this right?
Me and Danny posing next to one of the castle’s many windows
Inside the castle and having a look at one of the many informative illustrative books
Striking a pose!
This castle could be my new dog house and this window could be the window where I can look out and bark at cats!
A bit more of the castle!
Loving these windows!
Why aren’t these cannons working?
Taking a tour on the second level of the castle
Having a breather
It rained!

Of course, no weekend away in England would be complete without some rain so of course it began to pour down in the Isle of Wight. We retreated inside the castle for a while to hide from the wet weather.

Can we go back out now?
Yay! It cleared up!
No trip is complete without an exit through the gift shop! Here’s a cool excalibur sword!

Our castle adventure took up most of our day and the next day it rained yet again! My human and our traveling companion Sophie paid a visit to the donkey sanctuary on the island.

The sanctuary is a home to homeless and unwanted donkeys. I was permitted to go, but Danny thought that I would get too excited at the sight of bigger and furrier versions of me. I’m sure he was right, but it would’ve been nice to see some donkeys up close and sniff them! He told me that he found one that looked quite similar to me!

My brother from a donkey mother?
Danny the Traveller making some donkey friends!
I wish I could’ve met these donkeys. They sure look friendly!
Rather than meeting donkeys, I napped and had some tea with my pig friend, who you may see lying on the couch next to me

After the donkey sanctuary we took a stroll along the beach. It wasn’t the best time to go because of the rain, but we really wanted to walk on some sand and check out the beaches. We drove to Shanklin Beach and jogged down until the rain returned. It was wet but fun!

Shanklin Beach
Leaving my paw prints on the beach
What a beautiful name and what a handsome bull terrier!

Already I felt as I had done much during my trip in Isle of Wight but it was far from over. There’s still much to see including a winery, some more beaches and the famous Isle of Wight Steam Railway!

I will show you guys some more of this lovely island next time! Until then, stay hungry (for travel) my friends!

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