A dog in Prague

It was a chilly spring when we chose to visit the wonderful city of Prague. There I fell in love with the buildings, the people and most of all the food.

Our journey to Prague took us from England through Germany where we stopped briefly in Dresden to wait for our connecting train to Czech Republic. I loved the old style architecture at the Dresden train station and I hoped that the Germans would greet me with ready-made Bratwurst. Urfortunately they instead told us that in order to board the train we needed to show that we had possession of a muzzle. So we took a slight walking detour into the Dresden city center to look for a muzzle and then boarded the ICE train toward Prague.

Dresden, Germany Station
On the ICE train to Prague
A nice train ride

Once in Prague, we had booked a pet-friendly hotel that only required a short hop on the tram to get into the heart of the city. From there we made it to our first sightseeing adventure through Wenceslas square which houses a museum that was undergoing some scaffolding at the time.

Wenceslas Square

We were fortunate enough to know a good friend who was a local in Prague. She showed us around the city

The bustling city of Prague.

Our good friend Veronica teasing me with a treat. She also picked out this awesome jumper to keep me warm.
Unique sights in Prague. The only torture I know is not getting any table scraps from dinner.

I love big crowds and hordes of people, I’m not too sure why, but I always get excited around them. Perhaps it’s the inner wolf in me that likes to run with packs.

Tons of Czechs smiled upon seeing me and many of them also greeted me. At the Old Town Square in Prague we stopped and stared in awe at the medieval astronomical clock which is the third oldest astronomical clock in the world.

Posing at Old Town Square. This was our first actual day of exploring but I already wanted to bark about how much I loved this city!
While in Prague, I not only fell in love with the city, but also with this jumper. Just look at it. I think it fits me perfectly and it’s elegant just like me:)
Posing for photos with Danny. Here’s also a better look at the clock!
I found some really cool toys in Prague!
When I first heard there was an apple museum, I pictured an actual museum made of apples that served nothing but apples. I was wrong.
We strolled through gorgeous streets that featured eye-catching pubs, stores and restaurants
The John Lennon Wall. Dedicated to love and peace

My paws walked over amazing bridges filled with people playing music and taking photos, selling trinkets and more. The bridges looked over the magnificent Vltava River and when we made it to the other side we discovered there was much more to explore. We saw portions of a bridge with locks just like in Paris, but it was the John Lennon Wall which amazed me the most. It was filled with colorful splashes of graffiti, Lennon lyrics and messages of peace and love and that’s what I’m all about!

A few locks of love. Behind that, the Vltava River

Naturally, being the dashing and adventurous explorer that I am, I had to take a cruise through the river, just like we did in Amsterdam. So we hired a pedal boat of which Danny did all the work while I took visual notes of the city.


The stunning Charles Bridge
You can find pedal boats and other kinds of boats almost everywhere on the river
Basking in the glow of the city
You get really interesting perspectives while on the boat


We cruised around the river for a couple of hours, working up an appetite in the meantime. Of course, I did no pedaling, I just worked out the appetite from all the sightseeing!

Another view of the bridge
I love Czech architecture
Taking it all in


After our cruise we headed back on dry land to walk around some more and grab some food and some beer, which is what I’d waited to do the whole time I was there.

A view of the streets
Our friend Veronica showing us around the city
Almost impossible to capture this stunning building in one shot
Doing my dance in Prague
Meeting new friends
Some relaxing tourists
Waiting for some Czech food to fall
Finally had my beer 🙂


Well my friends, Prague is so massive and I was here for such a long time that it will take more than one post to write about my adventures here. So stay tuned for more in Prague as well as the city of Brno in Czech Republic.


Ready for the next adventure in Prague

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