A puppy bus in Alaska goes viral

A husband and wife dog-walking duo in Alaska bought a minibus to help with their dog walking business and now a video of the dogs entering the bus has gone viral with over 50 million views, reports The BBC.

The video shows the bus going around in Skagway, Alaska and picking up the happy and eager dogs one by one. The dogs climb on the bus and go to their seats, tails wagging and some greeting their fellow passengers.

The husband and wife duo, Lee and Mo Thompson, separate the passengers into sections where they can either play and socialise a bit on the bus and another section where the dogs like their space and just enjoy the ride.

The entire group then goes out on an off-leash walking adventure as part of their dog walking business, ‘Mo Mountain Mutts.’

The video of the bus hit over 50 million views on TikTok. Their account now has 1.6 million followers.

Mo Thompson told NPR, “They’re getting on the bus and they get in their seat, and the Internet just lost it. 50 million views. That was wild.”

She didn’t always have a bus. Thompson used to cart the dogs around in a van, and before the van, she corralled them on a humble bicycle.

“I’ve been known in my community for a while, but not on the Internet,” she said.


The bus group out on their adventures (image: Mo Thompson/NPR)

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