Abandoned stray dog becomes award-winning British police dog

An abandoned stray dog found wandering the streets in a British city has now become an award-winning police dog.

The crime-fighting dog Buzz was picked up in the UK city of Bradford in West Yorkshire in August 2021 and taken to Cliffe Kennels in Barnsley, where he showed his crime-fighting potential.

According to South Yorkshire Police, Buzz was microchipped when he was first found but attempts to reunite him with his owner failed after the registered owner avoided all contact and did not want the dog.

Since joining the force, Buzz has won South Yorkshire Police’s Animal of the Year award and the force said he has ‘excelled in his policing career’ so far.  Buzz has also helped officers with 26 arrests, 71 pursuits and 38 missing person searches since joining the force.

For example, on October 2022, Buzz’s handler Ashley Green and Buzz were called to reports of concern for a woman on a Sheffield street. After Buzz followed her scent to a nearby address, it became apparent she was being threatened by a man, who was acting aggressively. The man was quickly detained, and the woman safeguarded.

Buzz’s handler Ashley Green said, “Over the past year Buzz has gone from strength, showing that he was made to be a police dog.”

Green continued, “I joined the dog section in 2021 and was partnered with PD (police dog) Buzz in 2022. Our relationship is strong, and I trust him to protect me. His rough start in life hasn’t impacted on his loyalty and power to protect, we respect each other and face everything as a team.”

“Our first year has been amazing, I believe I have the best job in the world, spending every day with my best friend. I am looking forward to what the next chapter of our career holds,” Green added.

Buzz went from stray dog to award-winning police dog (image: South Yorkshire Police)

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