You’re packing your suitcase one day and then you see it: your four-legged best friend’s big happy eyes and waggy tail. Your pet knows you’re going somewhere and they’re wondering if they’re going too!

And you want to take them, but you’re not sure how to. So you give your pet a sad face, “I’ll be back,” you say. 

But maybe, just maybe, deep down you think “I wonder if I can bring them along? It would be fun!” 

You just don’t know to! 

I know what that’s like! I’ve been there!

You want to take your dog on holiday or you want to move somewhere new but don’t know how to do it with your dog.

We can help!

My name is Danny the Traveller and that cute little English bull terrier by the Eiffel Tower? That’s Rocky the Traveller, my best friend and backpacking buddy!

We’ve been traveling around Europe and the USA for four years now and we want to share our knowledge and help you guys out with our travel tips, advice and informative articles as well to share some of the coolest dog friendly spots around Europe, UK and USA.

Whether that’s pet travel routes from Europe to UK or traveling on a plane, ferry, train or metro, we can help you!

We specialize in travel within the USA, the UK and the European Union as well as other European countries and we are more than happy to help you and you four-legged pooch(es) go an awesome adventure!

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I firmly believe that life is too short to just live and see one corner of the world and life can be even shorter for our canine companions. I don’t like the idea of Rocky being in a kennel somewhere for long periods of time. So when I can, I take with me wherever I go. 

Rocky is a 10-year old English Bull Terrier, but some call him Rocky the Traveller. He uses four little paws to take him around the world and see everything.

Together we’ve gone on travels that have taken us from the lush green fields of the Highlands in Scotland to the vast, 95-mile stretch of impressive awe-inspiring beauty in England’s Jurassic Coast and to the relaxing atmosphere of Parisian cafes.

As for me, Danny, I’m a traveling journalist and wanna-be novelist. Born in Florida but lived in other states and in 2014 I moved to England with Rocky and that’s when our travels started and he’s since left a blazing trail of big paw prints along the way. 

Europe is vast and colorful, I’ve set out to experience every cultural beat and listen to the wide array of languages throughout the continent-and drink every country dry.

Coffee in Italy? Check! Baguettes in France? check? Czech beer? Czech! Fast cars in Monaco? I’ve lived it! With Rocky alongside me, marking his territory throughout most of Western Europe.

Rocky’s been with me since he was 8-weeks old and small enough to fit myself inside a washing machine. We both have tons in common (both stubborn and love food!)

This crazy ride has been awesome so far but it’s not over yet and the list will keep growing as I travel around the world!

We invite you to join us on our journey across the world that’s sure to exhilarate, and if nothing else get you on your feet and see the world for yourself! Along the way we will dish out our knowledge about all things pet travel.


-Danny & Rocky the Traveller