Coronavirus Crisis sees more dogs and cats finding loving homes

There is some positive news amid the current coronavirus crisis and lockdowns. The number of people adopting pets across the world is soaring.

According to UK-based animal shelter Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, more than 150 Battersea dogs and cats found loving new homes last week as the UK public opened their doors and hearts to rescue pets amid the coronavirus health crisis.

“At such a challenging time, Battersea saw a small ray of hope as its staff managed to rehome a great number of animals – more than double the figures for the same week in 2019,” the shelter stated.

Last week (Monday 16 – Sunday 22 March), 86 dogs and 69 cats left Battersea for a new life with their owners. During the same week last year, 42 dogs and 29 cats found new homes.

“All three of our Battersea centers are now closed to the public, but many of our animals are now in loving homes or out on temporary foster with our staff and volunteers,” Battersea’s Head of Operations, Rob Young said. “Battersea are still caring for around 100 animals at our three centres and working hard to ensure each and every dog and cat continues to get the treatment, care, love, play and interaction they need.”

Dog Tulip smiles as she goes home (image by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home)

Meanwhile, across the pond, New York City is running out of dogs and cats to adopt., an animal welfare organization, said shelters across the US are turning to foster homes as the solution in this unprecedented national emergency.

“In New York City, when it became clear that we’d be temporarily closing the Best Friends Lifesaving Center to the public, all it took was asking for help with the animals,” the organization stated.

New Yorkers answered the call and immediately after sending out a social media request for foster volunteers, the New York team received more than 50 responses from people ready to open their homes to a cat or dog. It wasn’t long before offers to help outnumbered the number of pets needing a place to go.

Other states in the US have seen spikes in pet adoption as well.


With most countries across the world practicing some sort of social distancing, lockdown or restriction, now would be a good time for those who can, to consider adopting a dog or cat who would cherish being in a loving and caring home. Be sure to follow the advice of the shelters when it comes to adopting pets and remember that your pet is for life, not just for this quarantine period.

For those with dogs and cats who are looking for fun things to do indoors, check out both the Battersea and sites for tips.

You can also have a look at the video below for tips on how to keep your dog entertained.

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