Delaware now allows dogs in outdoor dining areas and beer gardens

Delaware just took a step in becoming more pet friendly by signing a law that allows dogs in the outdoor dining areas of restaurants as well as beer gardens.

Previously dogs were not allowed at all in outdoor restaurant areas or beer gardens, however this rule was not always enforced.

Under the new law, HB 275, the owners of licensed beer gardens or food establishments in Delaware are permitted to allow leashed dogs. The restaurants and beer gardens would still would need to abide by any health regulations and cleanliness rules.

The law was signed by Governor John Carney and comes after the Delaware Division of Public Health made a Facebook post that reminded restaurants and its customers that it dogs were prohibited from accompanying their humans in the outdoor areas of restaurants. The post prompted a lively discussion on Facebook with many dog owners stating that they were unaware of the law.

At an outdoor dining establishment


While many restaurants and beer gardens in Delaware were already allowing dogs on their patios, this new law demonstrates that the overwhelming majority of people are enthusiastic about sharing more time with their canine companions outside of the usual dog walks and dog parks.

“A great day for Delaware dogs! I’ve now grown a bit more excited at the prospect of an American road trip,” Rocky the Traveller said. “We can now count Delaware as a place in which we would feel welcome at restaurants (outside, but if the weather is nice, I’m happy!) and beer gardens! If Europe and the UK can allow dogs in their restaurants and beer gardens, then surely the US can too!”

Beer Garden

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