Dog and human fly in the sky on parasail to celebrate end of isolation

Residents of Bay of Islands, New Zealand who happened to look skywards recently may have been surprised to see a west highland terrier fly past at a height of about 300 meters.

The New Zealand Herald reports that the dog Rascal flew on a parasail with pet parent Colette Kershaw, to celebrate the end of Covid-19 isolation and to support another Bay of Islands business.

Rascal was clipped into a dog harness for the 10-minute flight. While the 7-year-old pooch is no stranger to adventure or the limelight, Rascal even features on his own postcards, this was his first time parasailing. Rascal has been hanging out on Russell wharf since he was a puppy with Kershaw, who also owns Russell Booking and Information Centre.

Not a sight you will see everyday: A dog parasailing (New Zealand Herald, Jules De Rosa)

“He loved it,” Kershaw said of the flight. ”He was looking around, he knows his environment so I think he enjoyed seeing it from a higher perspective. He’s a very inquisitive, nosey dog.”

Bay of Islands Parasail co-owner Jules De Rosa, who offered the duo the parasailing flight, said, “He was super-cool. His tail was wagging. Colette was more nervous than he was.”

Rascal was not the company’s first canine client, two lapdogs went flying a few years ago, but she didn’t know of any other parasailing operations in the world which offered dog flights.

Colette and Rascal (New Zealand Herald)
The duo after their flight (New Zealand Herald)

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  1. it’s really great our Leon is really too timid.

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