Dog coats to help you stay warm in the winter

Where did the summer go? It’s gone, far away, and even me with my four legs can’t catch it. Looks like I’ll have to wait for next year.

So now that means that winter is here and all the humans are out with their fancy coats and scarves, but that doesn’t mean that us four-legged best friends can’t also be wrapped up like nice burritos (mmm burritos).

Winter Remedy: A cup of joe and some Rocky to keep you warm

It’s on the cold days when I usually have to be dragged out of the house to go outside. If it’s cold and rainy? Forget about it. I’d rather pee on that brand new cozy rug. But there are days where despite the chilliness, you must still go outside. Like for a coffee or a mulled wine or cider, or..and bear with me, a beer.

So what do I do to keep warm? I wear nice warm clothes. Just like the humans do.

Here are a few of my winter looks. I still haven’t gotten around to wearing those dog shoes, but they look alright, maybe I’ll wear them during a wintery trip to the Highlands or the Alps.


A simple hoodie

A simple hoodie, you can’t go wrong with putting on a cotton hoodie on your furry companion during a chilly day out. I’m wearing an adidog one which feels super comfortable and comes in all sizes which is perfect for me and my giant head (just means I’m smarter!)

The first sign that summer is over: the scattered leaves


A good ol’ scarf..made just for dogs

A dog scarf. That’s right, a dog scarf. While some of us may have thick enough fur to keep our necks warm during the winter, other dog breeds with thin coats (grey hounds, Chihuahuas), could benefit from wearing a nice cozy scarf. There are some especially made for dogs which are a bit smaller, but if you don’t want to bother going to the dog store, you can also put on a scarf for humans and it will also do the trick!

Coat comes from Hurtta Dog Coats.


A good ol’ human-sized scarf

What about the harsh cold winters where a simple hoodie is not enough and you need something a bit thicker but still stylish? I got you covered.


Here’s a comfy coat and one of my favorites. A thick, yet stylish coat that will shield you from the elements. The coat comes from Great & Small. 
Me and Danny with matching coats at the popular ski town of Chamonix, France. Coat comes from Chic Dog.
Feels like I have my very own tent!
It’s officially winter in the UK and this coat from PrideBites is keeping my comfy. So does my pet pig, Bullwinkle
Can you spot me in this camouflage coat from Great & Small?
A better look at my adventurer coat from Great & Small
Braving the elements with my coat from Hurtta Dog

So you may not feel the full force of winter in your city, but what if it’s a little chilly and you just want an excuse to wear something nice but not too warm? Well, humans use the smallest hint of cold weather to wear nice warm clothes even if it isn’t that cold. I got you covered!

This nice faux-leather coat is super stylish and is perfect when there’s a slight breeze. Coat from Great & Small
A little Sherlock Holmes Classic coat. It’s uber-stylish when you pair it with a flat cap. Cap from Banana Republic. Coat from Great & Small
I can sense a slight breeze
Elementary, my dear Watson
This simple coat comes from Great & Small as well. Yes they seem to make a lot of coats in Great Britain. I wore it here in case of a November chill
A November visit to Corfe Castle, UK
This wonderful jumper makes you look effortlessly elegant and sophisticated. Jumper from Trixie Coats
I feel royal with this coat

Hope you enjoyed a few different looks at dog jumpers and coats. Stay warm during these winter months!


As a bonus, here are a few holiday jumpers I also love!


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  2. Wow, what a post! You have covered almost all the dogs’ winter clothing. The dog really looks nice and fashionable in all the coats, scarfs. If you are looking for coats for your lovely little pet, I would recommend SassyDogFashions. It has a wide range of dogs’ clothing and you can customize your order as per your choice.

    1. Hi Sassydogfashion, thanks for the comment! Yes Rocky loves to dress around!

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  4. Please can you recommend size adi dog hoodys you have ?
    Mine is 28 kg boy

    1. Sounds like L to XL but I would check in with their site and sizing chart

    2. Of course, sounds like your dog might need a large or extra large

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