Dog food sales see spike in demand amid Covid-19 pandemic

Dog food has seen a spike in demand in March as consumers stock up to make sure their dogs are well fed during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to data from Research and Markets.

Although, dogs aren’t eating more than usual, consumers are increasing the amount of dog food they buy to make sure that their pets are provided for.

Another factor influencing the surge in demand for dog food, is the rising number of dog adoptions as people look for company during self-isolation.

More dogs means more demand for dog food and retailers are working hard to keep up.

Online sales of dog food have also increased with many consumers opting for home delivery of dog food to ensure they have access to a regular supply.

Companies like, PetFlow, and JustFoodforDogs are responding to this demand by offering contactless home delivery of dog food.

Research and Markets’ data showed that dog food sales grew by 159% while in the US alone, dog food sales rose by 54% in March.

Earlier this month it was reported that the US retail pet industry is set to decline 17% due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to data from Packaged Facts.

Rocky staring at an empty bowl that needs filling up


 As more people stay home due to worldwide restrictions and lockdowns, pet parents are turning to online delivery services to ensure their dogs are fed. This pandemic has shown that people are stockpiling and buying ahead due to uncertainty and it’s no surprise that keeping man’s best friend well-fed is at the top of the list of priorities (up there with toilet paper and hand gel).

Going online shopping for dog food is also a great way to do this as you can stay home and keep safe with Fido as they happily await their next batch of dog food at the door. Customers should expect delays to their orders so they should make a purchase well ahead of time.

Those in the UK can find a list of online pet shops that deliver food here.

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