DOG FRIENDLY WALES: TENBY: The mediterranean-like wonder you need to visit!


Looking to visit Wales soon? Well, if you ever find yourself in the south of Wales, UK, we highly recommend the town of Tenby! Especially if you’re looking for a seaside escape!

Never have I found a place so beautiful and reminiscent of the coast of Mediterranean Italy in the UK!

I took Rocky here back in April 2019 when all the beaches are dog friendly! They allow dogs most of the year except from 1 May to 30 September. We wanted to see what kind of sightseeing you can do with your four legged friend and, well, this seaside town did not disappoint!

Getting here

We traveled to this picturesque seaside town by car. There of course other ways you can get here including by train.

You can hop on a train from Cardiff and it’s just about 2 and half to 3 hours train ride.

There’s plenty of pet-friendly hotels in the area and there’s a few overlooking the beach. We stayed about an 8-minute drive or so due to my need to find a pet friendly and free parking as well as economical bed and breakfast.

As I said, if you’re looking for a seaside escape then you’ll love Tenby!

There’s magnificent sandy beaches, scenic views and colorful Victorian houses.

The Beaches

Known as the Pembrokeshire’s main holiday resort, the town of Tenby is surrounded by a few different beaches including Castle Beach, South Beach, North Beach and Harbour Beach.

And yes I did say castle and beach in the same sentence! You’ll love it! Let’s take a look!

We started off with a stroll across Tenby North Beach and it’s well worth coming here and taking your camera out.

As I said before, there are seasonal restrictions on the beach so make sure you’re traveling during the dog friendly season!

From here I saw the castle on the hilltop and said to Rocky, “we’re going there!”

On the way there we walked through the fishing area where they also have sailing as well as dog friendly cafes and pubs!

Tenby attracts lots of fishing lovers as you can fish in some of its beaches and with quite the scenery you will probably want to stay out all day just for the view.

The town reminded me very much of the Mediterranean especially small Italian seaside towns.


We trekked through the town and made our way onto Castle Beach. Rocky did a few tricks for me and was more than happy to pose!

Castle Beach

Right across from us is the tidal island known as St. Catherine’s Island and its fort.

Visitors and well-behaved dogs are welcome on the island! We didn’t make the time to go in that day but if you do, you should definitely check it out and take your dog!

Castle Hill

After walking around for what felt like hours we finally made it to the top! It was the quite the climb, but totally worth it! I mean look at this view!

From North Beach to the Castle Hill I think it took us maybe about an hour or slightly more but we did stop a lot to enjoy many things along the way!


Castle Hill attracted quite the crowd. Rocky even made some friends with the Welsh.

Now as I mentioned the way up to Castle Hill was quite the climb but I always think of it as not only great exercise but a great bonding experience with your dog and a good opportunity to take photos and breathe the air up here!

Rocky seemed to be particularly fond of the old cannons on Castle Hill so I let him pose next to the cannons.

A bit about Tenby castle, the fortification’s history had its fair share of attacks in the 12th and 13 century and now a tower is what occupies this highest point on castle hill so it wasn’t exactly a castle in the traditional sense!

After exploring a bit of the top we climbed back down and passed through the Tenby Art Gallery and Museum. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed inside of the gallery!

Well we took a stroll through the small town of Tenby and saw so much! There were pet friendly cafes I had mentioned before, boat trips, art galleries, a castle and tons of cannons!


Well Tenby, it was nice knowing you! We hope that this little adventure of ours has motivated you to give this charming little town a visit! If you ever come here and need a pet friendly hotel, may I recommend the Green Hills Hotel, it’s pet welcoming and close to Tenby as well!

For Danny and Rocky, we are signing off and we will see you on the next adventure!


For a full look into Tenby Wales check out our blast from the past homage adventure to the 1970s TV show ‘Wish you were here!’


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