Dog-friendly weddings and doggie detoxes among top dog travel trends in 2021

When it comes to traveling with your dog, the world is set to get even more dog friendly this year.

Dog-friendly weddings, doggie detoxes and puppy getaways are among the top dog travel trends in 2021, according to Country Living UK.

Data from dog-friendly travel company, PetsPyjamas showed that there has been an 80% increase in pup-friendly bookings for next year already, with more owners wanting to include their four-legged in future travel plans.

“With dogs having proved themselves to be the very best companions over lockdown and almost 10 million dog owners in the UK and growing with all the new 2020 pups, the dog-friendly staycation is very much in demand,” PetsPyjamas stated.

For those who are looking to go on an adventure with their pooch this year, here are the top 8 dog travel trends for 2021.

  1. Puppy getaways

Is there anything more exciting than taking a puppy on their first family holiday? They will be happy no matter where they go. PetsPyjamas predict puppy getaways will be bigger than ever in 2021, with many owners looking for dog-friendly cosy cottages to escape to.

The travel company advises  to wait until your puppy is six-months-old before traveling.

“Hotels are increasingly happy to cater for puppies, offering ground floor rooms with outdoor access and enclosed gardens, as well as toys and treats to keep them happy,” PetsPyjamas states.

2. Multi-generational holidays

PetsPyjamas predicts taking pups along with extended family or even grandparents will be more popular as travelers aim for a fun family affair.

“After months spent apart from loved ones, multi-generational holidays with close family and friends (and their pets of course) is also an area we predict a rise,” the company states.

3. Last-minute trips

Due to the uncertain times, it is predicted that last-minute travel plans will continue. “With much of a dog-friendly petaway involving plenty of time outdoors, this impromptu approach also allows pet owns to jump on good weather when it strikes,” PetsPyjamas states.

A dog going on an adventure (Photo by Zachary DeBottis from Pexels)

4. Activity-based trips

2021 is set to see more owners tap into activity-based holidays.

“With fitness playing an important role over lockdown, PetsPyjamas predicts a rise in dog-friendly activity breaks – with hotels offering dedicated doggie walking maps featuring dog-friendly pub stops on route,” the company states.

5. Working from dog-friendly hotels

The world of work has become more remote due to the pandemic. For 2021, the team at PetsPyjamas explain that many pet parents will check into dog-friendly hotels as a new place to work from.

“Free of chores and distractions, a hotel stay comes with added facilities and new landscapes to help blue sky thinking,” the travel company states. “Working from a dog-friendly hotel (WFDFH) is a terrific stress buster and a great choice for pet owners who want a change of scene WFH, without the guilt of leaving a furry friend behind.”

6. Wild adventures

2021 is all about best off-grid stays including tree houses, secluded countryside cottages and unique boltholes in the British countryside.

“PetsPyjamas expects to see a continued demand for quirky places to stay, such as shepherd’s huts and treehouses,” the company stated.

A dog on a camping adventure (Photo by @rrinna from Pexels)

7. Dog friendly weddings

As dogs are a big part of our lives, it makes sense for pet parents to want them to be present during important moments. With dog friendly wedding venues on the rise, perhaps you might know of a friend who is getting married and you can ask them if you can bring your dog.

“With the trend for smaller, intimate weddings with closest friends and family, PetsPyjamas also expects to see an increased demand for dog-friendly wedding venues where one or more furry friends are included in the wedding party,” PetsPyjamas states.

8. Doggie detoxes

We all deserve a spa day during these tough times, including our four-legged friends. For those who are planning a trip for this year, many spa hotels also offer dog friendly accommodation and they might even offer a special service for your dog.

“While dog-friendly spas have been a trend this year, PetsPyjamas predict the new trend for 2021 as spa hotels that offer dedicated doggie grooming and spa treatments. The Lygon Arms in the Cotswolds offers guests the ‘Nails and Tails’ package, while humans get to enjoy treatments such as ‘Glow on the Go facial’ in the resident spa,” PetsPyjamas states.

For the full list, visit Country Living UK. 

A dog getting a massage (Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels)

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