Dog parents can now take part in a ‘Great Doggy Bake Off’ during lockdown

Lockdown just got a lot more exciting as dogs and their parents can now team up to bake some delicious pup treats and take part in a ‘Great Doggy Bake Off’.

Just like the popular British television series, ‘The Great British Bake Off’, this Bake Off will see humans, and their dogs, take up various challenges and compete in the kitchen. The winner will be crowned ‘Star Barker’.

Launched by dog friendly travel platform Dog Furiendly in collaboration with Doggy Desserts and Burns Pet Nutrition, the Great Doggy Bake Off is free to get involved in. The event will take place on Facebook and Instagram.

Each week, a brand new recipe dog friendly recipe will be released for dog parents to try. The recipes are both safe and tasty for dogs.

The best baker of the week will then be crowned Star Barker with prizes from Doggy Desserts and Burns Pet Nutrition.

At the end of the Great Doggy Bake Off there will be an overall Great Doggy Bake Off Champion, which will be crowned the Bake Off’s Star Barker for ‘ultimate bragging rights.’

Waiting for the perfect treat (image: Dog Furiendly)

“The Great Doggy Bake Off aims to celebrate our loving and loyal four-legged friends, who can have such a huge impact on mental well-being and mindset,” Dog Furiendly stated.

The Bake Off, which launched yesterday November 10, will continue throughout the UK-wide lockdown which is due to end on 2 December.

Founder of Dog Furiendly, Adele Pember said, “We’re excited to entertain our nation of dog owners over the four-week lockdown. We’ll definitely be giving out a big virtual ‘paw-shake’ to the best, but also celebrating some fantastic fails (because we can’t all be like (Great British Bake Off stars) Paul and Prue!).”

“Dogs across the UK have been providing owners with so much unconditional love and friendship during lockdown, so it’s great to be able to return the favour by baking some tasty dog treats,” Pember added.

Those on Facebook can join Dog Furiendly’s Facebook group and post weekly bakes. Those on Instagram can tag Dog Furiendly in their weekly creations using the hashtag #greatdoggybakeoff and tag @DogFuriendly and @doggydesserts.

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