Dressing your dog up for Christmas: Where to buy festive dog clothes in the UK

There’s something magical about seeing a dog in a Christmas sweater that just gets everyone in the holiday spirit.

With many of us viewing our pets as a big part of the family, it only makes sense to include them in our Christmas celebrations.

Retail companies in the UK are now releasing their Christmas dog outfit collections which means it’s now time to think about some adorable festive jumpers for our furry friends.

In the UK, dog parents can visit a wide range of stores to buy their canine companions.

Supermarket chain Aldi released their family Christmas jumper (sweater) range which also includes Christmas jumpers for the hairiest member of the family. Their collection can be seen here. The supermarket also has an array of Christmas-themed dog toys.

“This year we have tried extra hard to include the entire family in our Christmas range and your dogs have made the cut! You can now buy you and your furry friend matching Christmas jumpers and get into the festive spirit together!” Aldi UK stated.

UK-based home, leisure and garden center The Range has just released their doggy Christmas line featuring a little Santa costume. The Range is also selling other Christmas gifts for pets such as themed collars, toys and treats.

British variety store chain B&M also has a range of dog clothing in their stores including elf harnesses, onesies and other cute Christmas clothes.

In addition to the above retailers, there’s pet stores such as Pets at Home which carry an assortment of dog Christmas clothes including snowman dog costumes, Santa Paws costumes and more! Non-pet store retailers such as Next, also carry dog sweaters.

Check your local UK pet retailer (or even non-pet retailer) to see if they are carrying holiday-themed dog clothes.

Looking to make your dog’s Christmas even more special? Check out this Christmas song made just for dogs!

Bull terrier in Christmas jumper (Instagram.com/Rockythetraveller)
Dog near Christmas ornaments (Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels)





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