Edinburgh and Bournemouth rank at the top for pet friendly UK staycations

Staycations are set to become more popular this year as the UK begins to ease its lockdown.

With data showing that an estimated 60% of dog owners plan their holidays around their pets, this means we could see a record year of pet friendly staycations in 2021.

But finding a place to go on holiday with your pet could be a challenge.

Now, Tails.com, a dog food subscription site, has put together a ‘Ruff’ Guide to the UK’s most dog friendly staycation destinations.

From pet friendly eateries to the number of dog friendly beaches, the ‘Ruff Guide’ reveals the best places to go, with a in dog in tow.

Analyzing 28 of the most popular UK holiday destinations, the study uses seven criteria to determine which locations offer the most for dogs and their owners.

The city of Edinburgh tops the list as the most dog friendly location. Scoring 656 points in total, Edinburgh was top dog for green space, pet friendly Airbnb’s and places to eat.

However, the Scottish city lacks dog friendly beaches, but just outside the city there are several beaches including the popular Portobello Beach which is dog friendly.

Edinburgh also features more than 300 dog friendly Airbnb’s, 85 veterinarians, 90 dog sitter and 14 green spaces.

The coastal beach town of Bournemouth ranked second on the list with a score of 571. It features over 300 dog friendly Airbnb’s, five dog friendly beaches and 150 dog-friendly places to eat.

Seaside getaways Bournemouth and Brighton were in 2 of the top 3 dog friendly staycations (image: Pexel)

Rounding out the top three is Brighton, another beach city located on the south coast of England. Like Bournemouth and Edinburgh, Brighton is top dog when it comes to dog friendly Airbnb’s. Brighton has 140 dog friendly places to eat and 10 green spaces.

In terms of dog friendly Airbnb’s, along with Brighton, Edinburgh and Bournemouth, the town of Bognor Regis also ranks at the top. Between the four locations, there are 1,224 dog friendly listings on Airbnb.

If your dog loves running around on the beach, they will never get tired of Anglesey’s 17 dog friendly beaches. Newquay comes close with 10 dog friendly beaches.

Anglesey also ranks at the top for the number of green spaces with 26, which means dogs have plenty of parks and fields to run around in.

Meanwhile, Oxford ranks closed behind with the number of green spaces at 23, followed by Cambridge (22).

Anglesey and Oxford rank at the top for the number of green spaces (image: Pexels)

Both Newquay and Blackpool had the most dog friendly pubs, bars and restaurants to choose from. Newquay tops the list with 180 different dog friendly pubs, restaurants or cafes.

Meanwhile, Edinburgh came out on top for having the most vets and dog sitters.

Head Vet at tails.com, Sean Mccormack said, “Any dog-parent will tell you that a holiday with your pooch is simply unbeatable. And with the scrappage of the EU Pet Passport, it’s likely that more and more dog owners will be choosing dog-friendly holidays in the UK.”

“When you’ve got four more legs coming along on the trip, there are a few extra essentials to keep in mind when planning your staycation. So I’ve put together some of my favourite holiday hacks to make your dog-friendly break as enjoyable and safe as possible.”

The ‘Ruff’ Guide to the UK’s most dog friendly staycations (image: Tails.com)


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