Encountering bald eagles in French châteaus

All good things must come to an end and so to does my adventure in the Alsace region in France.

But not without a visit to a couple of more amazing castles.

Unfortunately, as friendly as France is with pets, there were still quite a few places that did not permit my handsome face inside their premises.

Nevertheless, my human road companions soldiered on and checked out two chateaus including one of the most unique we’d ever been to! While I enjoyed the journey on the road and stopped to run around the meadows, I then napped in our hotel room while they visited a couple of castles. Next time I hope to see them!

Enjoying the vast meadows of the French countryside!
On the road. Is that a UFO behind us?

First up is the most interesting castle that we’ve ever visited: the Kintzheim Castle.

Why is it interesting you ask? Well because it also happens to be home to the Flight of the Eagles experience! The entire castle functions as a sanctuary for birds of prey. They are out in full display for everyone to see. Needless to say, I can see why dogs aren’t allowed.

Check out a quick glimpse of the castle in the video link below:



The most evil sign imaginable
Our first look at one of the eagles! A handsome chap indeed! Perhaps, we could’ve been mates!

The trail to the Kintzheim Castle. The castle is a massive round keep with history dating back to the 1200’s.

A long path toward the castle
The exterior
Look at those claws!
Ready for take-off but unable to as you can see the bird’s feet were tied up! Poor bird couldn’t fly off to freedom!

Check out a bird trying to fly off in the video link below:


A crowd gathering for the upcoming show! As a bonus, look at this view!
Another look at the castle!
Kintzheim Castle
What kind of bird is this?
Admiring these beautiful Renaissance windows!

Danny visited the château just as the show was about to take off!

Show is about to begin!
Turns out these birds were actually well-trained and can come to their masters! Hmm, looks like I can learn a lot from these birds then!

Check out the show in full swing in the video below:


Is this a bow?
Birds of a feather
Bad hair day?
I suddenly crave potato chips
Some beautiful owls!

Wow well, that was a lot of birds! I’m glad I didn’t go in there. Perhaps I would’ve made some friends but more likely I would’ve had some delicious feathers around my mouth!

Check out the video link below to see me on the road:


Ok that was enough time without Rocky! I want to join the adventure now!
I’ll drive!
Coasting through magnificent Alsace roads
Can you smell it? I can. I pooped.
Hanging out at a park bench during a rest stop in Alsace
The Alsace region packed quite a good breeze so luckily I was ready!
Danny taking photos while I frolicked in the fields!


As we drew closer to the end of our trip in Alsace we visited the second of our castles: the Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourga medieval castle about half an hour from Strasbourg.

Check out a quick look at the château in the video link below:


Climbing up toward the Chateau on a slightly wet day
The inside of the castle
Loving these timber-framed houses!
A look at the architecture on the outside
This display showed the entirety of the castle. It also looks like a nice toy for me to chew on!
Another look

After the all-too brief visit to the château, we drove onward to the Normandy region!

That’s where we will visit next! We shall see!

Let’s hit the road!

Omaha Beach in Normandy!

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