Exploring the famous abandoned holiday Camp Pontins in Hemsby

Around this time last year, long before the coronavirus crisis and the lockdowns gripped the world, Rocky the Traveller and I spent a couple of weeks in early spring at a place called Hemsby in the East of England, about 20 minutes away from Norwich.


To give you some background, Hemsby is a well-known seaside resort town but during the winter and spring seasons it is eerily empty. We stayed in Hemsby for a few weeks while backpacking across UK due to how amazingly cheap it was to stay there, but it was very much like a ghost town in early to mid-March when we went.

Rocky the Traveller in Hemsby, UK during low season

While there I randomly got the thought of looking up abandoned places in the UK and what an incredible coincidence to find out that the chalet we were staying in was right next to one of the most famous abandoned holiday resorts in Great Britain: Pontins.

Pontins was shut down in 2008. In its heyday the resort welcomed tens of thousands of visitors during the summer holiday months with swimming pools, arcades, go kart tracks and more, but it now sits in disrepair and gets regularly vandilised. There are no plans to do much with the site but it’s still a popular abandoned site for risk takers!

The place was a high-risk site with police dogs signs and caution signs everywhere. Needless to say, the place isn’t welcome to visitors.

I didn’t want to risk bringing Rocky into the site so I decided to go in solo: Check it out below!

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