Fluentpet launches app-integrated talking button system for pet communication

We all wish we can talk to our animals. Now, Fluentpet, a US-based company that built recordable talking buttons that let your pets communicate with you, announced that it has launched a new connected system that tracks every button press and allows dogs and cats to ‘text’ their humans.

The new system aims to deepen the connection between people and their dogs and cats.

“For centuries, we’ve wished for the ability to have richer and more meaningful communication with other animals,” said FluentPet CEO Leo Trottier. “Connect’s mobile app integration helps put valuable data and insights from the FluentPet community at every user’s fingertips. We cannot wait to debut our new system in person in January at CES to showcase how it enables people to communicate with their dogs and cats and decipher what they are trying to say.”

FluentPet’s learning system enables people to teach dogs and cats, or ‘learners’, to express themselves by activating recordable sound buttons mounted on a board of interlocking ‘hextiles’. When the buttons are pressed, our learner pets can hear words they recognize, spoken by their human.

The new Connect system automatically transmits and saves every press, allowing users to easily track, quantify and share progress. Through app-enabled access to insights from the user community, Connect quickly serves up helpful context from leading FluentPet Guides and other advanced button teachers. And because the system is always connected via WiFi, it records button activity even when people are away, which means button teachers never need to miss a message or major milestone.

The FluentPet app for iOS and Android brings together data collected from thousands of successful community members to help decipher button presses, which can often be phrases of two or more words. For example, if a dog presses the ‘water’ and ‘bone’ buttons, the app will suggest a possible meaning, like ‘ice cube’.

“Since its launch in 2020, FluentPet has seen countless examples of creative button press combinations that were at first mysterious, but with thought and input from others, began to make a surprising amount of sense. We’ve consolidated everything we’ve learned into FluentPet Connect to communicate with dogs and cats in an even more fun, rewarding, and jaw-droppingly astonishing way,” Trottier added.

FluentPet Connect also features a range of hardware improvements to further support button learning success. Each FluentPet Connect Base utilizes a single large, high-quality speaker that delivers clearer and louder audio than any other sound button on the market. Users record custom sounds or words for each button via their smartphone.

Dog buttons have come to the forefront recently with the aim to help bridge the communication gap between pets and their humans. Aside from PetFluent, there are many other pet button communication training programs that aim to help your dog communicate their needs and wants to you.

Dog button tech can be used to help you communicate with man’s best friend (image: FluentPet)





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