Go on a virtual tour in Switzerland with this adorable dog

A fluffy White Swiss Shepherd is giving online tours of some of Switzerland’s most breathtaking places via Instagram.

Rasta, a White Swiss Shepherd is here to save the day as many of us are longing to travel but cannot due to lockdowns.

A comfy spot and gorgeous Swiss background (Instagram @rastawhiteshepherd

Rasta and his mom, Sylvia Michel, are exploring Switzerland together and documenting their adventures to the country’s magnificent countryside including waterfalls, lakes and mountains.

Over the years, Michel, a professional photographer, has been capturing Rasta and Switzerland’s breathtaking scenery since 2014, according to Business Insider. The photos and videos have led to Rasta’s account gathering more than 300,000 followers.

“I recognize that many people aren’t that lucky to go outside,” Michel said. “People are very thankful that we show them something beautiful.”

Rasta and Michel hike through the country’s beautiful flower fields, across mountains, and around lakes for hours each day with Michel calling it ‘paradise’.

For those who are staying at home, they can tune into Rasta and Michel’s adventures in order to go on a virtual vacation.

There are certainly worst places to be stuck in during lockdown (Instagram: rastawhiteshepherd)

For now, Switzerland is easing its lockdown and Michel can go out for hikes as long as she abides by Switzerland’s social distancing guidelines, which she says isn’t hard to do in her area.

If you’re feeling up for a virtual tour of Switzerland, then check out Rasta’s account on Instagram.

Take a virtual tour with Rasta (Instagram: Rastawhiteshepherd)


Rasta is here to rescue the day for the many of us who are missing out on traveling due to the Covid-19 crisis. The following that the duo have gathered just goes to show you how much of a positive impact dogs can have on our lives, even if they are far away from us and doing virtual tours of beautiful countries.

“Rasta is a lucky pup,” Rocky the Traveller said. “Switzerland is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world. So to be able to go on a walk and enjoy that scenery is a blessing during these times! I can’t wait to go traveling again!



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