Greek stray dog chooses UK couple on holiday as her parents

When most of us come back home from a sunny vacation, we usually bring a suntan, souvenirs and fun memories. But for a UK couple holidaying in Greece, they brought back a new furry friend.

A stray dog in Greece found her new parents, a UK couple, after she began to follow them everywhere.

A video published recently by The Dodo, tells the story of how Betty found her parents.

Betty’s story started as the stray dog began to sleep under the van of the UK couple as they were holidaying in Greece. As the days continued, the stray dog, who would be known as Betty, followed the couple everywhere.

Betty sleeping by the holidaying couple’s van (image: Betty’s Treat Club)

As a stray dog in Greece, Betty suffered from fleas, worms, and ticks. Seeing that this had taken a toll on her health, Andrew Pardy and his partner, took her to the vet. But what started out as a vet visit soon turned into a rescue mission for Betty. The couple then decided that Betty would return with them to the UK.

Betty’s new parents made multiple vet visits to help with her health (image: Betty’s Treat Club)

“The days weeks and months after her rescue were the start of an incredible journey for all of us,” the couple states. “From our side, hours and hours were spent researching medical needs, vaccinations, chips, pet passports / travel requirements, diet and training techniques.”

According to the Greek Reporter, Betty underwent a course of vaccinations and treatments. She eventually received her pet passport and other treatments that were required for her to enter the UK.

Betty and her new parents would take the ferry into the UK and into her new life as a pet dog.

“When we eventually made it back to the UK together, the research didn’t stop,” the couple stated. “It was rewarding to find new, all natural brands that Betty loved. We made it our mission to discover new brands every month and began making a list of the products that went down a treat. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves making recommendations to friends and family.”

Betty learned how to adapt to her new life as a pet dog (image: Betty’s Treat Club)

The birth of Betty’s Treat Club

Soon after, the new family began Betty’s Treat Club. The dog treat box subscription club features sustainable toys and treats as well as only natural treats. The Club’s mission is to support dogs in need with a portion from every sale or subscription renewal being used to buy over 3kg of food for Greek Animal Rescue.


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