Half of holiday shoppers plan to buy pet food and supplies this season

While this holiday season may be a bit different than previous years due to the pandemic, pets will still be coming out on top. Pet merchandise is expected to be one of the top gift-giving categories this holiday season, according to a new US survey from multinational professional services firm Deloitte.

The desire to make the season special for friends, family, and pets, are still top considerations for consumers no matter the circumstances.

Research from Deloitte found that 50% of holiday shoppers are buying pet foods and supplies during holiday shopping. This includes pet treats and pet décor.

The average spend on pet supplies and pet food is predicted to be $90 during holiday shopping. This makes up to a 5% share of total holiday spend at retail.

Deloitte also found that more shoppers (17%) are planning to shop at pet stores this holiday season compared to last year (13% in 2019).

According to Deloitte, Covid-19 has motivated families to adopt pets, which could explain the planned increase in shopping at pet stores this holiday season.

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The survey also found that while gift cards and clothing remain top items for giving (48% and 43% of shoppers, respectively), pet toys, décor, and accessories still rank high (24%).

Cash ranked as the most wanted item to receive (43% of shoppers) while 15% of shoppers would like to receive pet toys, décor, and accessories as a gift.

Meanwhile, when ranking the top ten items buy for themselves during holiday shopping, 33% of shoppers said beverage, which was the highest ranking category. Pet food and treats (e.g., canned food, dry food, biscuits, chewy treats) ranked 7th with 15% of shoppers planning to buy them this holiday season.

A cat stuck in a tree (Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels)

Other key data points from the survey showed that among those who plan to buy pet food and supplies this season, 21% plan to buy pet food and treats as a gift while 15% are buying these items for their own pets.

At the same time, 24% plan to buy pet toys, décor, and accessories as a gift while 12% plan to buy these items for their own pets. 10% plan to purchase pet services as a gift while 8% plan to buy these for their own pets.

Data from Deloitte also found that when looking at the most preferred retailer for pet foods and supplies during the holiday season pet stores ranked at the top (49% of shoppers). This was followed by online/e-commerce retailers (17%), mass merchants (15%), warehouse membership clubs (4%), and off price stores (3%).

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