Here a few UK stores where you can bring your dog with you

With about 13 million dogs in the UK, it’s safe to say that dogs are really popular in the UK, so it makes sense that many stores across the country allow for our four-legged friends to join their pet parents inside.

Some of these stores include retail chains with several locations across the UK. But if you happen to have your dog with you on a local high street, chances are many local shops will allow you to bring your dog, provided they are well-behaved.

Below are a few stores in which dogs are allowed. When you visit these stores with man’s best friend, do ensure that you remain a responsible pet parent and that your dog is well-behaved in the store. Now, without further ado, here are the stores.

  1. John Lewis and Partners. 

    The high-end department store chain lifted their dog ban a few years ago announcing that ‘well behaved dogs only will be allowed in our shops and they must be on a fixed lead at all times, unless they are being carried’. The store features tons of dog friendly treats, toys and even clothes, including Barbour dog jackets.

John Lewis is dog friendly (image: Rocky the Traveller)

2. Wilko. 

The retail chain which sells garden and household goods and includes a pet section, DIY, kitchen and more, allows dogs across 248 stores across the UK. Your dog will love accompanying you here as the store sells dog toys, treats, and food. “Please check for new signage at the entrance of your local store to see if they are participating,” Wilko states.

Dogs are allowed in Wilko (image: Rocky the Traveller)


Walking through the pet section of Wilko (image: Rocky the Traveller)



3. Waterstones. 

The British bookshop allows well-behaved dogs to enter the store, but it adds that pet parents should check with their local branches to see if they are allowed to bring dogs at the location. Some of the stores have a cafe inside which means you can have a read and sip your coffee with your dog. Perhaps your dog can even help you choose the right book.

Waterstones allows your best friend to join you in finding a book (image: Rocky the Traveller)

4. Apple.

The tech store is happy to allow well-behaved dogs in their store. However, most stores are located within a shopping mall, so do be sure to ask if you can bring your dog in the mall. If the mall does not allow dogs to walk inside, then pet parents could explain that they are going to the Apple store.

5. Lush UK.

The cosmetic store says ‘it is always happy to welcome your pooches into our stores.’ Your pup might even help you find the right products or could even help you with gift shopping!

6. HomeBase.

You might find that many garden centres across the UK will allow you to bring dogs. HomeBase, which also focuses on home improvement and furniture, also allows your canine companion to join you inside, but check with your local store before you bring your pooch.

Dogs are also allowed in Homebase, but do make sure to check (image: Rocky the Traveller)

The UK is a dog friendly country and there are many more stores in which you can bring your dog. Certain stores allow you to bring your dog at the manager’s discretion or only in certain locations. These include stores such as Decathalon, Halfords, Zara and Homesense.


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