Here are 3 Senior Dog activities to keep them sharp

We all love our dogs and we wish they can live by our side and retire with us but unfortunately, our furry companions age much faster than we do.

As our dogs begin to advance in age, we want to make sure we keep them healthy and fit both physically and mentally (and maybe even spiritually if your dog does yoga and meditation like Rocky the Traveller does!)

Keep your dog going strong and healthy by keeping them active mentally and physically (image: Rocky the Traveller)

While there are several ways to keep your dog young, here are three activities you can do to keep them physically and mentally sharp.

1. Going on strolls with your dog at their own pace. If your dog has gotten slower or has come down with joint issues and arthritis, it is important to adjust your walking activities and your pace to keep them comfortable. Of course, it’s important to keep your dog in the best shape they can be, but also within their comfort zone.

2. Playing with mentally stimulating games to keep them thinking. To keep your dog as healthy as possible, try to play some mentally stimulating games, these include treat puzzles, Kong balls, and other brain games such as the toys made by Nina Ottoson. Your dog will thank you for keeping them from getting bored and keeping their mind sharp.

3. Doing some sort of low-impact activity such as swimming or even hydrotherapy. If you are fortunate enough to  have access to it, then check out your local beach, lake or look into getting a small doggy splash pool for your dog to cool down and swim in.

Perhaps your dog has a swimming pool for hydrotherapy or they can recommend a doggy physiotherapist who has a swimming tank then look into the costs involved. If you are able to afford it, then consider hydrotherapy. This type of therapy as it can help their mobility.




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