Here are 5 ways to travel from the UK to Europe without a car

Now that most restrictions are loosened up across Europe and the UK it looks like we can finally travel again.

With many more people now having dogs because of the lockdown, it seems likely that will see some more people traveling with their dogs.

Normally, for us two-legged types, we can simply hop on a plane from the UK to get to Europe or take the fast Eurostar train from London to a variety of European destinations. But if you’re traveling with your four-legged pal, it might not be that simple after all.

While there are a few options to get to Europe if you have a car, including the channel tunnel and the ferry, not everyone in the UK has a car. So what can you do if you want to get to Europe but you don’t have a car?

For those who want to travel with your pet and do not have a vehicle, here are a few different ways of getting to Europe from the UK as a foot passenger.

  1. Channel Taxis.

Did you know that you can take a taxi from Folkestone, UK to Calais? There are indeed taxis that can take you to France via the Channel tunnel. There are quite a few of these taxis available including the popular Folkestone taxi. These transfer services can be quite pricey so do go online as far in advance as possible and have a look at a few different services and find the best quotes.

Taking a taxi through the Channel tunnel is one way to get to Europe (image: Tim Gouw from Pexels)

2. The Stena Line ferry to Netherlands.

This is a route that me and Rocky the Traveller have been on quite a few different times. You can book a ferry online via the Stena Line website and find a way travel to Harwich station and from there you can take the ferry to the Netherlands. It takes somewhere around 6.5 hours or so to get to the Netherlands and you can book a kennel for your dog or cat so they can rest and you yourself can also book a small room in the cabin so you can take a nap and you can even watch your dog on a kennel monitor to keep an eye on them. Pretty cool.

On the way to the Stena Line ferry

3. DFDS ferry from Newhaven

Another familiar route that we have taken before. You can take a train to Newhaven station in the south of England and then from there you check in and you and your pet are taken to special area in the ferry’s car deck with dog kennels. The ferry ride is approximately 4 hours so your pet will be in the car deck for that long. You can definitely visit them during this time, but not during the first or final hour of the crossing. Check DFDS for prices.

4. DFDS ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam

This ferry is an overnight ferry that takes nearly 16 hours. But there are 4-bed, sea view pet friendly cabins available for £30 per dog so you can take a nap next to your pup. There are designated dog decks however, so you can look into that. Go online to book or better yet give them a call.

Dog in the ferry cabin (image: DFDS)

5. P&O ferry from Hull to Rotterdam

This journey takes approximately 12 hours. The ferry offers dog friendly cabins which foot passengers can use. Pets must remain in the cabin at all times during the crossing. They also have kennels which can be used in case there’s no more cabins available.

Dog in the cabin (image: P&O Ferries)

Overall  there are quite a few different options you have to travel to Europe from the UK by ferry.

If you are planning to book one of these services, it is recommended to give the ferry operators a call confirm any details or any questions you might have about traveling with your pet to Europe.

Before you travel with your pet also be sure that they meet all the requirements to enter the EU from the UK.

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