Here are some drive-thru restaurants with dog friendly menus in USA

While America still has a bit of catching up to do with Europe in terms of allowing pets into restaurants and cafes, they still have not been forgotten about.

The coronavirus crisis has meant that people are increasingly staying at home with their pets and they are opting for delivery, takeaway or drive throughs. Customers across America can still visit popular fast food chains like McDonald’s or Wendy’s and order their favorite meal. Best of all, they can even bring something back for their four-legged best friend!

ABC15News compiled a list of drive-through food places with dog-friendly menus. Here they are:


A popular drive-in fast food chain, many of their locations offer doggy treats. You can bring them along with you and order them a burger or grilled chicken sandwich (plain, no bun).

The classic Sonic logo

In-N-Out Burger

A fast food chain located primarily in California but also serving other states in the southwest including Utah, Nevada Texas, Arizona, and Colorado. In-N-Out offers its special “Puppy Patty” – which is an unseasoned burger, served in their signature doggy bags.


As the name implies, it’s a fast food chain that specializes in chicken sandwiches. Some of their locations offer free doggie treats, so be sure to ask.


The coffeehouse giant offers its specialty ‘Puppucino’ which is a small Starbucks cup with light whipped cream. Yuor dog with a whipped cream-filled nose would make for a funny photo.

Shake Shack

While not a drive-through restaurant, this popular casual restaurant chain allows you to order ahead and pick up your food. They have special doggie menu which includes two items: “Bag O’Bones” which is a doggy bag of 5 ShackBurger dog biscuits made by Bocce’s Bakery, and the “Pooch-ini” includes ShackBurger dog biscuits with peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard.


Stands for People Dedicated to Quality, this chain specializes in chicken and has locations across Florida, North Carolina, as well as some locations in New York, New Jersey and South Carolina. It’s a great place to pick up some grilled chicken tenders for your four-legged pal.

Dunkin Donuts

While you might be tempted to give a bit of your donut to your dog (they might be too tasty to share), this coffeehouse offers a puppy latte, which is light whipped cream in a cup, similar to Starbucks’ Puppucino. Some locations will even give out doggy treats.

Dunkin Donuts classic logo

Dairy Queen

A popular fast food chain which specializes in soft-serve ice cream, it offers ‘Pup Cups” which is a a small cup of soft serve vanilla.


No introduction needed for this fast food giant. McDonald’s might not have a pup menu, but you can order a grilled chicken for your pup or perhaps a couple of licks of your soft-serve vanilla.

Burger King

The fast food giant offers plain grilled chicken for your dog. It recently launched the Dogpper, a play on the Whopper. This dog-friendly alternative to the famous sandwich is a bone-shaped treat with flame-grilled beef taste for the dogs of these generous owners. However, it is only available via its delivery service with DoorDash.


Another popular fast food chain. Pet parents can order a plain grilled chicken for their dogs and the restaurant offers soft-serve ice cream too.

Excited for a drive-through trip!


Many pet parents bring their beloved dogs with them on car rides, especially when it comes time to order food via drive through. While it’s great to see so many restaurants get in on the pet friendly trend, pet parents should be aware of what they feed their dogs and should take proper precautions and research on the food items before feeding their dogs.

“I love hopping on the passenger seat of my human’s car and going to drive through restaurants,” Rocky the Traveller said. “I especially love to bury my head into the brown bag of food. Of course my human laughs at it and take the bag away after a second, but that second is so worth it, especially with the scent of freshly cooked french fries.”

“I’m happy to see more places are offering dog treats for pups just like me,” Rocky said. “That way we are not constantly begging and staring at our human. Though once we are done with our dog treats, chicken and Puppucinos, we will be coming for those fries!”

Rocky waiting for the drive-through



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