Here are some tips on how to help your dog adjust to UK lockdown ending

The ending of UK’s lockdown is nearly coming to an end and normal life in the country is appears to be just around the corner, but your dog might need time to adjust to this change.

Due to the lockdowns, dogs have spent more time indoors with their humans, but they might have also gone on less walks, less road trips, and have likely even had less interaction with other dogs. According to UK charity Dogs Trust, a return to normal life could pose a challenge to many dogs, especially puppies.

Dogs Trust has gathered tips on how to best prepare your dog for the end of lockdown and adjust to a normal life.

Preparing your dog for the great outdoors

Dogs may struggle with the additional sights, smells and distractions they haven’t experienced for a while. So Dogs Trust advises brushing up on your dog’s recall, loose lead walking,  and picnic etiquette. And reminding them how to greet people politely.

It’s worth brushing up on recall training after a long time in lockdown (image: Dogs Trust)

If you like to take your dog to an outdoor dog friendly beer garden, then it’s important to teach them how to settle among the hustle and bustle. Dogs Trust advises to start teaching them at home while there are fewer distractions. Teaching them how to settle will also come in handy in lots of situations such as when you stop to chat to friends in the street, if there are children running around or when other dogs are walking past. It can also help your dog stay calm when they’re left alone.

As lockdown ends, picnics will make their return. Dogs love the smell of food, but it’s important to remember proper picnic etiquette (image: Dogs Trust)

Training your pooch to be the perfect host

Your dog may have gotten used to your only visitors being delivery people, so they’ll need reminding how to behave when you have house guests.

Lots of dogs can get nervous or excited when they hear the sound of the doorbell and this can make it difficult to welcome guests into your home. To make things easier and safer, Dogs Trust advises training your dog for visitors and teaching them to go to a safe space like their bed when they hear the doorbell, and quietly wait there until your visitors are settled.

Helping your dog value alone time

Working from home has been great for dogs and their parents who have managed to spend more time with them during the lockdown. But with lockdown nearing its end, many will begin to return to the office, so it’s important to teach your dog to cope with being left alone.

Many of them will have had very little contact away from their parents for the past year, so Dogs Trust advises getting them ready now, to prevent separation anxiety developing.

As lockdown ends, it’s important to teach your dog how to cope with being alone (image: Dogs Trust)

Separately, a recent survey found that almost half of pet parents now favor a policy which allows dogs in the office.

To prepare your dog for the change in routine once the lockdown ends, Dogs Trust has a training program.




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