Honda Japan introduces ‘Honda Dog’ with dog friendly accessories

Japanese automaker Honda knows people love their dogs and for the dog lovers in Japan it has now released ‘Honda Dog’, a range of dog-friendly accessories.

Honda Dog aims to make life easier for dog parents. According to Carbuzz, Honda Dog lists some of the most dog-friendly cars in the company’s lineup, including the Honda Odyssey. The site offers dog friendly accessories such as door lining covers, protective floor mats, special seat belts, and pet seats that prevent pooches from leaping out open doors.

A special seat for dogs (image: Honda Dog)

Honda also provides the exact measurements of door and tailgate openings so pet parents can base their purchasing decision on whether or not their dogs will be able to enter and exit the car easily enough.

According to Motor1, Honda also offers an innovative dog carrier that fits perfectly in the seat of a Honda. This dog carrier uses Honda’s safety systems to keep man’s best friend safe during trips.

Honda Dog is also offering paw-themed automatic shift knobs along with paw stickers to add to the dashboard. Also on offer are paw center caps to replace the Honda logos on your wheels.

Paw themed shift knob (image: Honda Dog)

For more on Honda Dog, click here.


Paw-themed caps (image: Honda Dog)
(image: Honda Dog)

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