Dogs come out to play at Dogstival 2020

Dogs and dog lovers came out to play at the New Forest, UK over the sunny weekend for the second annual ‘Dogstival’ weekend.

The event took place from 5-6 September at Burley Park in the New Forest and saw thousands of dog lovers and dogs attend the festival.

This year’s Dogstival was originally set to take place in May 2020, similar to last year’s but the coronavirus pandemic saw the date pushed back until this month.

Posing at Dogstival (photo: Instagram@ dogstival, @lifeofkevinandbailey)

While Burley Park was an even larger venue than last year’s Pylewell Park Estate, the festival put in hygiene measures in place due to the pandemic.

Dogstival brought back the popular K9 Aqua Sports Pool and also featured stand-up paddle boarding, pampering tents, agility courses. There were also displays and stalls including fly ball, food and drink and live music, training tips and rescue dogs and even medical detection dogs who are leading the fight against the pandemic, according to MSN.

According to the Advertiser and Times, more than 6,500 people attended the event over the weekend. The event also raised money for various dog charities and other causes such as Pets as Therapy, Medical Detection Dogs, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Sunny Shores and Canine Partners.

Dogstival organizers are planning to hold Dogstival in 2021 in Burley Park once again.

A beautiful sunny day at Burley Park (photo: Instagram: @dogstival, @nova.flower)
One of the many stallholders at the event (photo: Instagram: @dogstival, @luke_macgregor_photography)


This year’s Dogstival came at the right time after many in the UK had spent months in lockdown, some with their four-legged friends. The event was a great way to let loose and allow man’s best friends to have the time of their lives.

For those in the UK who wanted to travel with their dogs this year, Dogstival was a fun little weekend getaway with tons of food, exercise and new people and dogs, without having to actually travel outside of the UK.

It’s wonderful to have events such as Dogstival which celebrate dogs from all walks of life including rescue dogs, medical detection dogs and more. With so many dogs walking around throughout the weekend, it would not be a surprise if many of the human guests decided to adopt one after the festival.

Rocky the Traveller said, “Last year’s Dogstival was the best event I had been to and sadly I could not make it this year, but I am happy that dogs from all over got to celebrate with humans and share such a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to next year’s Dogstival and hope I can jump in the pool, try all the treats, sniff all the dog butts and get petted by everyone.”

For Rocky the Traveller’s Dogstival experience last year, see the video below.

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