Ikea Singapore launches pet furniture collection for furry friends

We love our pets as if they’re family. Many of our pets spend a lot of time with us on the sofa while lounging, especially during these lockdowns, and many people even sleep with their pets.

In Singapore in particular, more people are becoming pet parents than ever before.

So it’s no surprise that furniture giant Ikea in Singapore has launched a new furniture range for cats and dogs.

“Every cat and dog has their own personality and needs,” Ikea stated. “That’s why we have brought in pet-loving designers and trained veterinarians to help develop Ikea’s cat and dog home collection.”

Barbara Schafer, who does product risk assessment at Ikea and is also a trained veterinarian, told the the Straits Times, “When it comes to sleeping, cats love clean and enclosed spaces and to lie on furry and cosy textiles. Dogs, on the other hand, don’t care so much, as long as they have a space close to their owners.”

“Eating behavior plays an important part as well,” Schafer added. “A tall ceramic bowl is ideal for cats as they tend to eat with their necks in a higher position, while the flexible travel bowl suits dogs as they enjoy frequent snacking.”

A cat relaxing (image: Ikea)

The Lurvig collection offers a wide range of cat and dog furniture and accessories in colors, patterns and textures to suit pets’ different personalities and needs, Ikea states.

Ikea says the range was created with pets’ natural needs and behavior as starting points.

The collection is now available in Ikea Singapore stores and online at IKEA.sg/LURVIG.

For those living outside of Singapore, the collection may also be available at a location near you. Check out your local Ikea site and see if they have the Lurvig collection for your pet.

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