Indian pet services Sploot receives new investment

India’s pet care industry is growing and is expected to continue to grow this year. Other related segments are also expected to grow including pet grooming and pet healthcare as pet parents in India are becoming more aware of the well-being of our four-legged friends.

One community platform that is aiming to help the growing number of pet parents is Sploot. The India-based platform is a provider of products and services to pet parents, with respect to the pet’s health, behaviour and nutrition through content and app-based help.

Sploot has now announced that it has received an INR 52 million investment (USD 634,314) from Redstart Labs in India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Info Edge. The aggregate shareholding of Sploot through Redstart, after this investment, would be 24.13% on fully converted & diluted basis.

Sploot, founded in 2019, is a community and content-led platform for pet parenting. The platform aims to be a super-app for pet-related content, products and services. Their platform focuses on daily and frequent activities of a pet like walking and food.

The community platform’s app says it has 50k+ dog parents, trained nutritionists, canine behaviourists, and hand picked editorials on how to become a better dog parent.

“Whether it’s excessive shedding, decreased appetite or an exercise routine for your dog, reach out to a community of experienced dog parents for dependable answers and tips,” Sploot states.

The platform’s app also allows pet parents to keep track of their dog’s health records and includes reminders.

Sploot also offers pre-portioned meals, prepared and delivered fresh, along with unlimited access to a canine nutritionist for any help.

Sploot, based in India, aims to make dog parenting ‘error-free’




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