India’s biggest café chain goes pet friendly

Café Coffee Day, a popular Indian café chain, is now allowing pets to accompany their humans to enjoy a coffee in select cafés.

“Now make your furry friends join your amazing CCD hangouts too! Enjoy your favourite brew in your pet’s company for a purrfectly great time,” a tweet from Café Coffee Day stated.

Café Coffee Day said the service is available only at select cafes with outdoor seating options for now.

Vinay Bhopatkar, CEO Café Coffee Day said, “We want our customers to feel at home when they visit any CCD and we understand that for pet owners, hanging out with their pets is very important.”

“Today there aren’t that many options that offer this facility in the country. In line with this we welcome pet owners to bring along their pets to our cafes and enjoy their time in safe and hassle free environment,” Bhopatkar said.

Dog sitting at an outdoor table with a coffee cup (Photo by cottonbro from Pexels)


It is always great to hear when a chain extends its services to allow pets at their establishment and being the largest café chain in India, Café Coffee Day will lead the way for other coffee shops and chains to follow suit which will mean more wagging tails.

Going to the cafe in countries all over Europe and the UK you will see humans sitting alongside their dogs, so if it can be done here, then it can also be done anywhere.

Pet owners in India will be happy to take their dogs along with them while they sit back and sip on a coffee.

Café Coffee Day is now pet friendly (image: Twitter @CafeCoffeeDay)


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