Hi my friends! It’s your favorite traveling bull terrier!

Hello from Great Yarmouth. It’s actually sunny today!
We were fortunate to see a few of these gorgeous days in Great Yarmouth

Not too long ago I showed you what it was like to visit Great Yarmouth! We wound up here on the way to Scotland and stopped at a bed and breakfast that was dog friendly and cheap (called The Trevross Guest House).

At the living room of our bed and breakfast

Our total stay was about ten days, but during our first few days the seaside town seemed quite sleepy as in there was hardly any other souls around! Now combine that with grey skies and the burgeoning cold weather and you’ve got what seemed like a post-zombie apocalypse wasteland!


The town is known for being a tourist town but when we visited in October it was far from peak season. However, during our ten days there we did get some sunshine and luckily we found a day of sunshine that landed on a particular event day during the week: Market Day!

There’s actually people around!
A full town! This promenade is filled with vendors all the way down. It’s like a 30 minute walk if you’re browsing
A cool church in the background in Great Yarmouth!

The manager at our bed and breakfast had told us about Market Day in Yarmouth which typically runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays and some Fridays and starts right in the heart of Great Yarmouth and finishes at the Market Gates shopping center.

When Market Day arrived in Great Yarmouth this ghost town came alive!

Now Great Yarmouth has been a market town since the early 11th century. Traders come from all over and arrive into town and set up shop for the day. We saw all kinds of shops from Halloween to used clothing and Yarmouth rocks candies to other curiosities.

Market Day has arrived!
Fun trinkets for all! I’m not buying those crocs shoes though!
Halloween is coming!

Lots of tables were set up outside with so many trinkets and toys and clothes!

We began our stroll from the heart of Great Yarmouth and made our way to the Market Gates Shopping centre, strolling past a beautiful church and stopping to greet some of the fellow tourists as well as the locals (they greeted me actually, who can blame them?).

A close up of the beautiful church that stands tall in the middle of the Market Day promenade in Great Yarmouth!
One of the many who greeted me!

At the end of the promenade there was one of those walking statues dressed like Charlie Chaplin. We took some photos and hoped he didn’t notice so he wouldn’t charge us!

The Charlie Chaplin live statue on the right
Arriving at the Market Gates Shopping Centre! There’s tons of restaurants and small retail shops here!

Then my four paws dragged Danny toward the Market Gates Shopping Centre and we found this cool area called the Victoria Arcade shops. It’s an old arcade filled with old-style shops. We stopped at a bookstore where everything sold for £1. We bought two books including a travel book and a classic: Around the World in 80 days with fellow adventurer Phileas Fogg!

At the Victoria Arcade!
At the bookstore just chilling and getting my leash tangled up!
The Victoria Arcade shops!
Another look at the arcade shops and of me!

Here’s a bit of trivia: I was once nicknamed Phileas Dog in a Daily Star Newspaper! To check it out click here!

Afterward we circled back around in search of a cafe to sit down but we didn’t find a pet-friendly one nor one with outside seating at the Victoria Arcade.

On our way back down we passed through the market tables again and saw a Wax Museum that we missed the first time around!

House of Wax

Our entire adventure changed our perception of this sleepy town and it was nice to meet some other people who, like us, decided to visit here.

My four paws were pretty tired after walking back and forth down the promenade so I was ready to sit down and grab a coffee!

Chilling after sitting down for a coffee

Our adventure to Great Yarmouth was winding down but we still had one big stop to make: The Broads! A wonderful natural park that’s only a ten-minute drive! We will see it next time!

Thanks my friends and stay hungry for travel!

See my full Market Day adventures in the below video and enjoy! If you like it, or didn’t like it, then give us some feedback and comment!



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