It’s my birthday! A look back at 10 years with Rocky the Bull Terrier

Hi my friends! Thought I would take a small break from the travel blog to celebrate my tenth birthday!

look at that cake!

I know, I can’t believe it myself that I have been on Earth for ten years!

It seemed like only yesterday that I was born to a lovely family of champion bull terriers in Indiana and then delivered by a flying stork to my new dad Danny in the Washington DC area. (At least he told me it was a stork). He worked there for a couple of years and then around 2010-2011 we moved to our hometown of Orlando Florida and stayed there until 2014-2015 when we moved to England and began traveling.

I am ten years old now and have been traveling for about four years in Europe and throughout that time I’ve seen 20 countries. I still feel like a puppy and I still feel there’s quite a bit left to do before I retire.

I would love to see all European Union countries (I’m about halfway now) and then maybe next year, I would love to take a cross country road trip by RV and see all 50 US states with my dad. Then if it’s possible, I would love to see an Asian country or two.

After that, our plan is to settle down and adopt an adult bull terrier so I can have a friend into my “senior years”.

I will still be able to travel here and there (maybe to more relaxing destinations) as I don’t think I will ever stop.

Now here’s  a few photos throughout the years that I managed to dig up!


There are my parents. Looks like I took more after my mom!
When I was just opening my eyes
Already a stylish pup!
My first real friend when I was a puppy in 2008
My favorite hobby: Nap!


I grew so fast! Here I am destroying everything
My ears were still quite large compared to the rest of my body!
Feed me
Hanging out with my little brother! Pay close attention to our ages!
Me and my little cousin at the beach!


First time I experienced snow was in Virginia Beach










I loved the snow!
My dog food bowl is filled with snow!
The first time I experienced waves was in Virginia Beach!


Me and Danny moving back home to Orlando!
hopping around the pool!


Hanging out with my little brother! He’s growing up so fast!
Danny and I on a car ride in 2012
While Danny studied I was kept company with two dog friends!
The three of us!


Me and Danny chilling on his campus at the University of Central Florida
Just a normal walk!
I always loved car rides!
Canoeing in Wekiva Springs, FL..We were not big fans of this collar but our trainer suggested it because I was super stubborn


Kayaking in Florida!
We began to really expand our adventures! Traveling around Florida in between Miami and Orlando!


My first real adventure in England after we moved there sometime between the end of 2014 and start of 2015! This was my first coat ever as it was never cold in Florida
Our first day exploring London together!
Me and Danny exploring Switzerland together during our first European roadtrip!









Me and Danny after our long road trip from UK to Greece
Taking a boat in Cambridge
Me and my little brother recreating our photo from 2009


Me and Danny making it to Ireland! I was 8 years old here in early 2017
Visiting Paris for the fourth time!
Me and my little brother in Madrid
Me and Danny in Barcelona


Me and Danny arriving in Spain for our summer stay in 2018
A month before my tenth birthday!

What an incredible ten years it has been!

Now on to the celebration! I enjoyed my carrot and banana cake! It was delicious and I ate every crumb of it!

Coolest cake ever!
The big ten!

Taking a close look at my cake below.

It didn’t take long before it was gone!




Thanks guys for joining me on this look back at ten years! Here’s hoping for another decade of fun and travels! Cheers my friends!

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