Leaving your DOG at home with some calming MUSIC

Hello from me and Rocky!

Do you ever feel bad when you leave your dog at home by his/herself? That look they give you when you start to shuffle around the house and grab your keys and walk toward the door?

I know it all too well.

I always tell Rocky ‘I’ll be back!”

Leaving them at home

I used to leave Rocky with a bunch of toys and the television on sometimes to feel like he’s got company. I also heard that giving him a piece of my clothing would help calm his nerves, so I did that. Truth be told Rocky’s always been pretty chilled when I step out of my place but I couldn’t help but feel like he still be worried and anxious (I think they would always be anxious for you to return no matter what).

How does your dog do on their own?

With the arrival of the internet and the popularity of Youtube I looked up what sort of sounds would best work for dogs and found a sub-genre of music known as ‘dog-sitting music’ or dog-soothing/calming music’. It seems to work great for Rocky as he snoozes so peacefully while the music plays. Still, he jolts awake and greets me with a waggy tail when I get home. But I’ve watched him sleep (I know how that sounds…weird) using our at home pet camera!

It’s mostly classical music and soothing relaxation piano music. Very lovely and would even put me into a snoozing mode.

Simply pop into Youtube or another similar video site such as Vimeo and search up ‘dog soothing music’ and there are videos that can go on for up to 12 hours! OF COURSE I wouldn’t suggest leaving your dog at home for that long (please don’t!).

‘Don’t leave me alone dad’

Maybe music is the answer!

Personally I use it when I go somewhere and can’t take Rocky, such as the gym, supermarket, a night out salsa dancing or the cinema (imagine a world where Rocky can join me on a night out salsa dancing, actually wait a minute, he has joined me for a beach salsa lesson before!)

I figured I would share this little tip of leaving your dog with relaxing music to all your dog lovers out there so that your pooch can feel a little more at ease and snooze the whole time you’re gone! I would also recommend leaving them with blankets and toys!

Now let me know in the comments if you have tried leaving your dog at home with some relaxation music!

Check out our video below to see a glimpse of Rocky staying at home with soothing dog music!



A good channel to check out on Youtube is ‘Relax My Dog’ which has hours and hours of dog soothing “TV”. Check one of these videos below!



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  1. I can only leave Ruby 2hrs Maximum. She comes most places now. As she suffers from separation anxiety, on account of her previous home. She was locked in a room for three years. Never been out.
    So she gets anxious and barks after a while, and stands by the door waiting

    1. Good to hear that you bring her most places now!

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