Majority of pet owners in France will gift their dog with Christmas presents

Pet parents in France should check under their Christmas tree to see if there’s enough room for gifts for their furry companions this holiday season.

The majority, or 68%, of pet parents in France plan to gift their dog with a present this Christmas season, reports L’Independant, citing a survey of 1,869 pet parents from (Mutual Health Insurance).

Of the 68% of pet parents who plan to give their dogs a gift, 58% of them will place them under the Christmas tree.

Of the pet parents who were surveyed, 42% of them will gift their cat with a Christmas present with 32% of these planning to place the gifts under the Christmas tree.

Meanwhile, at the top of planned gifts for pets, toys come out on top (42%), followed by treats (39%) a basket (11%) then pet brush/comb (7%).

Further data from the survey also showed that 7% of pet parents will spend more than €20 for their pet’s Christmas gift.

The survey was carried out from November 9 to 20.

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