More offices could be dog friendly after lockdown

More workplaces in the UK could be dog-friendly after lockdown, reports Mix 96 citing data from office space site

Lockdowns around the UK have seen many workers shift to home working which means they get to see their dogs more often. Now it seems that many workers can continue to spend time with their dogs once they return to office. points to an example in Aylesbury.  Office spaces in Aylesbury are already taking a more flexible position to enquiries containing the words “dog friendly”.

Dog at the home office

“We estimate that around 10% of the serviced office spaces in Aylesbury are currently dog friendly – we predict this to grow to around 30% before the end of 2021,” Jonathan Ratcliffe, Lead Broker at said.

“As more and more employees work flexibly from home and as dog ownership rises because people have more time to look after them, the trend may well be extended to large corporate offices too,” stated.

Ratcliffe added that demand for dog friendly offices are on the rise.

According to Wamiz, in the UK, employers are required by law to abide by special measures such as pet-free zones. Dogs must also be vaccinated and well-behaved.


Dogs can make great office companions provided they are well-behaved and they can be a source of great office morale and can help bring workers closer together. They can also help alleviate tension and bring laughter.

The lockdown has showed that people are able to work more flexibly and that workers can continue to be productive outside of the normal office. Post-lockdown flexible working is expected to continue and companies will have to adapt to new ways of working.

With pets getting to spend more time with their humans during the lockdown it can be a bit jarring to the pets once workers begin to make their way back to the office. Bringing a pet to the office can help them as much as it can help you and if you were productive at home with your pet, then it is likely you will continue to be productive with your pet by your side at the office. There are many benefits to bringing pets to the office and companies are beginning to see demand rise which could signal a further change in the way companies work.

Getting comfy in the office chair


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  1. I hope when France comes to this for the moment companies that accept animals including very rare. What is very worrying after having been so long with our loulous with the covi d 19

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