Nearly half of UK remote workers favor dogs in the office

As pet adoption and working from home continues to grow, almost half, or 45%, of remote workers in the UK say they are in favor of a policy that allows dogs in the office. This is according to a new report from online meeting provider PowWowNow.

The research, which surveyed 1,500 remote workers who use video conferencing calls for their jobs, also found that 45% of remote workers are more likely to apply for a job at a company that allows dogs in the workplace.

As the UK is eases out of its lockdown, many workers are set to return to the office soon and with an increasing number of pets adopted during the lockdown, some of these workers prefer going to an office that allows dogs.

More than half of women (52%) think allowing dogs in the office is a good policy compared to men (37%). Women (51%) are also more likely than men (37%) to apply for a job at a company that allow dogs in the workplace.

Women prefer dog friendly office policies more than men do (image: Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels)

According to the research, the top five professions in favor of a policy that allows dogs in the office are as follows:

  1. Energy & Utilities (66%)
  2. Environment & Agriculture (65%)
  3. Law enforcement and security (64%)
  4. Marketing, advertising and PR (63%)
  5. Hospitality & Events management (62%)

Meanwhile, those who work in Legal professions (55%) are most against dogs in the office.

PowWowNow’s research also found that 62% said they were interrupted on a work video call by a dog. At the same time, 32% said their dog interrupting them had or would make them happier.

While they may be good for some people’s happiness levels, 18% wouldn’t appreciate a dog disrupting their work meeting. When it comes to improvement in work output, the research showed that many felt their productivity and focus would be negatively impacted by a dog interrupting a work call.

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