New private jet rental guide aims to help you fly alongside your pet

The pandemic has left many humans and their pets stranded away from home. Airlines have tightened restrictions and many of them refused to allow pets on their flights. As a result, this year has seen several ‘Noah’s Ark’ private planes filled with furry friends heading back home.

The cost of these private planes is usually shared amongst other people who are also stranded and were refused commercial airline travel with their pets.

Now a new guide on how to hire a private jet has launched which could mean many more pet friendly flights.

Dog at airport

This year has seen pets take to the skies on chartered flights like never before. About 100 pets took a chartered flight from China to North America on a flight dubbed ‘Mission Impawssible’ while other Noah’s Ark flights transported pets from Australia to the US on a chartered flight and in May over 50 pets flew from the Cayman Islands to Canada.

For those who might be considering taking a chartered flight a new private guide has been launched by the team at Private Jet Charter. The guide goes into detail on what a private jet charter is, the benefits of using a private jet charter and how to find a private jet using an affordable online solution.

Private jets can be useful for pet friendly flights, especially during the pandemic where many airlines have changed the way they transport pets.

Furthermore, private jets can help put pet parents at ease, particularly those who are not able to travel in the cabin, as humans will be flying alongside their pets rather than have to transport their pets in the cargo hold.

In addition to pets traveling alongside their owners, flight departure time can be chosen and the flight can be private with no other passengers.

There are other benefits to using a private jet charter and flying with a private jet. For instance, private jet charters tend to land closer to the final destination, due to being able to choose departure and arrival terminals.

This means less hassle when traveling with a dog as well as less time is spent in crowds, traffic and transport across the airport.

Private Jet Charter advises specifying that you are bringing pets when ordering a flight.


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