New York improv theater unleashes dog lovers comedy show

The Improv Asylum in New York City is launching a comedy show for dogs and their human companions this month.

The show, “Comedy Unleashed” takes place on March 30th 2020.

While dog friendly comedy shows are not a new innovation, this show goes a step further than just being a ‘dogs allowed’ show. It is a comedy show that is especially made for dogs and dog lovers and features amenities for dogs.

The show will feature specialty cocktails for the pooches, dog handlers to assist and offer advice, cookies, treats, and more.

A portion of each ticket will go to a local NYC animal shelter.

Furthermore, for humans to attend they must be dog lovers.

“You do not have to have a dog to enter the show, but you must be a dog lover,” the theater states.

According to AM New York Metro, the shows are designed to welcome audience members with well-trained pups to enjoy a comedy night with their best friends.

Improv Asylum owner Norm Laviolette told AM New York Metro, “I own several different comedy clubs in New England and New York. I noticed that hanging out backstage, so many comedians have dogs. So I thought, ‘Man it would be pretty funny to see one of these comedians do a show with their dog on stage.’ Then I thought, ‘Well, if we’re gonna do a show with comedians doing their dogs on stage, we should open up the spectacle to an audience with their dogs, too.’”

The event takes place on Monday March 30  at 8:00pm. Ticket prices are $25 for a person and their dog or $15 if it’s just the human.

(Improv Asylum)


A dog lovers comedy show is a wonderful concept and for those with well-behaved dogs, going to an event like this will only further strengthen bonds and create memories with your dog that you can look back on. For comedians, it also provides a lot more opportunity to improvise and talk about different humans and breeds and get the audience involved in the show.

Dog friendly comedy shows are few and far in between so if this goes well I hope to see more popping up in different cities.

Rocky the Traveller said, “I wish I could fly to New York at the end of the month to see this show. I love jokes and making people laugh is something I already do on a regular basis so an event like this where it would be possible to interact with the comedian and other dogs would be right up my alley. I hope all the dogs and dog lovers out there enjoy this event.”





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