Nooie 360 camera: Reviewing it as a PET MONITOR!

Looking for a pet monitor? The Nooie 360 cam is on the market! Rocky and I got the chance to test out the Nooie 360 camera, a security camera!

The cam has tons of uses, but naturally I used it as a way to keep an eye on Rocky when I couldn’t take him with me.

“A new toy?”

If you have a dog and you go out for long periods of times, such as the cinema, a long gym session or a night out, then having a way to keep an eye on your dog is a good way to ease worries.

“Where are you going human?”

There’s tons of cameras out there and many of them are great! This one we liked because of how simple it was to set up. It’s also pans and tilts 360 degrees so I can set it one place and keep an eye on my kingdom, Sauron-style!

The camera watches over my kingdom, aka my small flat in England
The custom Nooie was sent out as a tester for us

As for features, take a look at what this tiny camera packs:

  • IR night vision
  • SD card slot (hidden in lens)
  • wall mount
  • Cloud storage service
  • 180 degree motion (hence the name)
  • Two-way audio so I can talk to Rocky!
I quickly unboxed the camera
As you can see the whole piece of equipment was quite small!
Comes with a nifty manual

Once it’s out of the box you can set it up pretty easily. There’s an app (of course there is) and after you download it, you connect the app to your wifi network, and then beam your phone across to the Nooie device and bam the little camera is ready to use!

Downloaded the Nooie app
Setting it up!


Testing it out!

During the test, I turned on the speaker and was able to hear myself quite clearly!

I will mention that there was some lag when I messed around with the 180 pan and tilt. It lagged a few times when I tried it on different networks as well, but more testing needed to be done to figure out whether it was my connection or the app or something else!

Nooie is turned on!

Time to go do some food shopping and see what Rocky is up to!

I will leave him like this
Here you can see how small the camera is

Okay so, while I was gone Rocky actually moved to another room so I decided to move the Nooie there and run a test on another day and night to see what it was like.

Just chilling!
Rocky after hearing my voice through the camera!
According to this IR night vision, I really need to tidy up this room!

While he was gone I again used the two-way audio and Rocky’s ears perked up as you can see above! The night vision was also pretty cool!

When I returned home, Rocky was happy to see me and greeted me with a tail wag and then went back to cuddling with his toy pig: Bullwinkle!


The Nooie cam is a pretty cool security camera and lets you keep an eye on your dog, with a 360 degree full view of your dog.

I quite like the mobility of it as we travel quite a lot and you can lay it down pretty much anywhere and the design is minimalist and unobtrusive.

I also think that for the price and the features, it’s altogether a great package!

We are happy with our camera and I still use it to keep an eye on Rocky. So now I can go see the latest  3-hour superhero movie and watch it until the last post credits and not worry about Rocky or where we went because I got this handy little 360 camera with me!

Overall, we give it four paws out of four!

Nifty Nooie!

Check out our video below for our in-depth review!

In this video I talk about the features and how it can be used to keep an eye on your dog while you’re away! The video is an overview of the cam! There’s tons of features that come with the cam including in-app recording, cloud storage services and more!



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