Pet sitting is the most sought after job in the UK, study finds

Pet sitter is the most sought after job in the UK, according to recent research from Adzuna, a job search engine.

According to Adzuna’s analysis of more than 5,200 different job titles, the role of pet sitter had the most amount of interest, with the average salary being £24,210. The current average advertised UK salary is £36,339

Paul Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer of Adzuna, said, “The most sought after jobs in the UK are roles where workers are doing what they love or giving back to the community, rather than scoring high salaries. Animal jobs are proving particularly popular, with pet sitter roles the most clicked on job ads of the thousands of job roles on our site. Lockdown catalysed an increase in pet adoptions and it seems jobseekers are looking to get in on the act by taking on pet sitting jobs.”

The research showed that the ten most sought after jobs were pet sitter, cabin crew, aircraft cleaner, shelf filler, chauffeur, passenger services agent, crop production worker, animal handler, NHS call handler and market researcher.


Dog sitting is the most popular job now in the UK (image: Meruyert Gonullu from Pexels)


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