Pets allowed on Auckland trains after overwhelming public approval

Passengers in Auckland, New Zealand are now able to bring domestic pets enclosed in suitable carriers or pet dogs that are leashed and muzzled on board.

Auckland Transport had carried out two trials and surveyed train customers before it announced that its trial of pets on Auckland’s trains became permanent.

Stacey van der Putten, Group Manager of Metro Services says the majority of people who completed the survey, support having pets on trains, with only 12% opposed.

“Our customers have really enjoyed being able to take their fur companions on the trains,” van der Putten said. “Pet owners have been very supportive of the protocols that have been put in place to allow this initiative to happen.”

Councillor Cathy Casey has been the main advocate for pets on trains and she is delighted that the trial has become permanent.

“This is another fantastic step towards making Auckland a more dog friendly city,” Casey said. “We are finally catching up with the great cities of Europe where pets are welcomed on all forms of public transport.”

Councillor Cathy Casey with her dog Suzie on the train station platform (Auckland Transport)

Pets can go on trains on weekdays 9 am to 3 pm and after 6:30pm. They can travel all-day on weekends and on public holidays and best of all they can travel free of charge.

All dogs must either be wearing an approved muzzle and lead or can be traveling in an approved pet carrier.

Pet dogs are still not permitted on Auckland’s buses with the exception of the Waiheke Island Buses where pet dogs are allowed. Disability assist dogs and disability assist dogs in training are allowed to be carried on buses under the supervision of their care-giver.

As for ferries, dogs and small animals in cages can be carried on most ferry services. Charges may apply.

For more information on pets on the Auckland trains and public transport, click here.

Dog at train station (Photo by Ali Müftüoğulları from Pexels)


It’s great news that the overwhelming majority of the public supports dogs on Auckland trains. Those who are not in support of pets in public transport need to only look at how well it works for many European countries.

It will now be more convenient, thanks to the train option, for pet parents to take their furry friends along with them to many places including to necessary appointments such as vet visits. Pet parents must make sure to remain responsible pet parents and ensure the safety and comfort of their pets.

Rocky the Traveller said, “I’m happy to hear that dogs are now allowed permanently in the Auckland trains. Should I ever make my way to the far away land of New Zealand I will be visiting Auckland first and hopping on the trains with my humans. It’s a dream to visit this country and it’s great to hear that such a big city is welcoming to my kind.

Rocky in UK public transport


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