Rocky and the Pelicano

It’s no secret I love food, I think about it every second of every day and even when I’m sleeping I dream about food and I also dream of chasing dogs who look like food, like those tiny sausage wiener dogs. Yum!


My mouth waters just thinking about all the food in Brighton. But on those days that I’m not dreaming, well, I need coffee to keep me going and so I’m happy to be living in a city where there’s plenty of coffee. Every corner of Brighton has a coffee shop and so my trusty confidante Danny and I decided to explore some coffee shops around the city.

The Pelicano in Brighton

On a typical weekend, you could find me strutting around the lanes in Brighton, looking for beers and burgers and probably trying on some harem pants. But on one particular Sunday the smell of cakes, bread and sandwiches drew me to a coffee shop in the lanes on Sydney Street called the Pelicano. They were a few people already sitting outside of it drinking their cappuccinos and they smelled delightful. I walked up to a few of them and said hi and they all petted me then I stood in front of the cafe door. Thankfully, the staff inside told me I was allowed and so I wagged my tail and followed my nose inside. I was greeted right away by a tempting display of delicacies.


A mouth-watering selection

We ordered a tea and cake and tried to figure out where to sit since I was amazed at how spacious it was. There was a main seating area inside and an open door in the back with some steps that led down to the outside garden.┬áBut wait there’s more, there’s also an upstairs and that’s where we walked up to on this particular day.

Pelicano means Pelican of course, I was looking to see if I can spot some around the cafe.

The upstairs room in the day
The Pelican!
The comfy couch at Pelicanos


I see you


We had a delicious cappuccino and then after that we had a cake and a green tea.


Curious neighbor’s eye view of the Laines
Here I am with my green tea and my curiousity
A nosy onlooker
I didn’t want to leave this couch

So how was the Pelicano overall? Well I must say it turned into one of my favourite coffee shops in all of Brighton and i’ve visited the ‘Roastery’ on many different occasions and still playing the role of a nosy neighbor looking out the window to the laines. Now where’s my cake?

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