The journey of more than 2,000 miles across England and Scotland has come to its final destination: Bournemouth! (not pronounced as born mouth, rather born-muth)!

Me and my hooman Danny in Bournemouth

Bournemouth was the first British town I’ve ever lived in. I remember having many memories of running on the beach, rolling around on the sand and staring in wonder at all the shirtless British people who acted like they’d never seen the sun before.

But I’m getting a little distracted.

We came here to cap off our road trip and on the way to Bournemouth we made a quick pit stop in Brighton to pick up a couple of suitcases from our old flat (our old flatmate was graciously taking care of them). It was on the way to Bournemouth that we then realized just how much stuff we had.

One of my many shirts!

Danny said I had too much clothes! In fact, he said I had more clothes, as well as better clothes, than he had.

How much clothes did I have? An entire suitcase full! And then some! We both agreed it was time to go through and see what could be ditched. We thought about piling it up and putting it in a donation box, but our friend Paula in Bournemouth gave us the wonderful idea of donating it to the Waggy Tails Charity Shop and so that’s we did!

But before we donate my clothes, we would like to take a trip down memory lane and remember some of the cool travels that we went on with these clothes. Some of the clothes I outgrew, others were too big and covered my weiner when I peed which meant I would pee on the shirt. Not so much fun!

So sit back and check out how crazy my human is by buying me so much clothes. But to his credit, I do look amazing in them!

Speaking of pee…I peed on this one too many times. It was just too large! This was taken in Wales!
This one will go in the donate pile!

Our most memorable adventure with the above t-shirt was in Wales when we went to Brecon Beacons Park and saw a few castles. Though like I said, I had a little accident in it, but that’s okay we washed it.

Our next piece of clothing was a beautiful warm winter coat. It was far too tight on me and I could barely move! I must’ve gained a few kilos!

This one has to go!
Used to keep me warm in Switzerland! Very handy!


I’ll miss you warm jacket but you will keep another dog warm!

My third piece of clothing was yet another sweater that was far too tight! But I had some cool adventures with the green sweater in Merida, Spain!

Visiting ruins in Spain in December
Christmas lights in Merida
T’was a nice little Christmas jumper, just a bit too small!

Now, for my next shirt, I certainly could have made a lot of money doing mime performances on the streets of Paris with this costume. But we are going to donate it and hope a French bulldog ends up wearing it.

Bonjour mes amis! Merci!

I wore the shirt on a few occasions only. One to shoot my famous French adventure! And the other to help my human with his t-shirt marketing!

I love French food!
A nice little costume mon ami! But it will go in the pile!
Au Revoir!

My next jacket was only used to test out my human’s camera and lighting equipment and that was the only time I wore it! But it was bad to the bone! (Did I just say bone? I’m hungry now!)

I would look awesome on the sidecar of a motorcycle, or as the new Terminator…but…this was a bit too big on me and covered my entire body! I will donate it! It also feels quite premium!
I’ll be back…but this jacket won’t!

Now this next jacket was one of the first ones we bought in the UK. It came in handy when we went off and explored Corfe Castle. The winds at the top were pretty heavy so we got some good use out of it.

In Corfe Castle…but will soon be worn by another doggy!

In the meantime while my human tried out all my clothes, he gave me a bit of a break and provided me with well-deserved peanut butter dog treats! Of course he didn’t give me all the treats at once as we saved them for later, but I could have totally eaten them all!

Nice deserved break!
Nomz! I can eat them all!

My next sweater has a lot of sentimental value! It was my first ever sweater bought in the US but we took it to the UK with us when we first moved there! After a long period of deliberation, Danny decided to keep it!

My first ever sweater stays with us!

Next up was my party shirt! My lovely Hawaiian shirt was used in adventures in Greece and the UK (when the weather was actually nice) as well as a cool photoshoot we did for a calendar!

Chilling in Greece!
Hanging in Bournemouth!
A bit sad to see it go! But it will surely help another, smaller, pup feel stylish!

We then found a handful of other shirts that fit me quite tight and so they had to go! They were both red too! One of my favorite colors that looks great on me. Well, what color doesn’t look good on me?

I could be a Target cashier with this polo shirt! (Or the new mascot..hehe)
But I’m just too muscular!

A cool red jersey that I used in adventures in Miami! But it too, felt a little tight on me! I guess the shirts are either shrinking with washes, or I need to start watching my figure and cut down on the bacon!

Star player!
Cool adventures in Miami, but just too tight!

We went through a few more pieces of clothing and also a nice little scarf that looked cool but just kept falling off of me!

A warm scarf indeed, but going to a dog in need!
Cooler than the other side of the pillow

It was now time to gather our donation pile and drop it off at Waggy Tails. By the time we finished collecting the entire pile we found out the charity shop was closed. But not to worry, there’s always another day and we finally had our chance to drop it off and the shop was happy! So were we!

I still had a bunch of clothes though, so don’t worry about me!


Wearing a hand-knit jumper made by a gracious family member and posing next to Ruby Red, the coolest red VW van!

So there goes our Big British Road Trip, concluding in the town that kicked off our entire adventures and where Rocky became a traveller: Bournemouth. We enjoyed the rest of our time here at some cool festivals and markets so all things considered it was a pretty fun adventure in Bournemouth.

Oh yea, and it felt really great to give back! We will be doing more of it!

If you made it this far, then thank you and high-paw to you! Check out our full donation journey below on Youtube and consider subscribing to our channel for more awesome adventures and dog-friendly travel content!


After Bournemouth and the UK, we head back home to stick around!


  1. We love your sense of style. It’s so cool you get to see and visit all of these places!

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