Rocky reaches the Majestic Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

Ahoy mates! Rocky here. My adventures in Ireland began with a trip to the city of Galway and continues with an expedition to explore the famed Cliffs of Moher. I had heard through the grapevine that this was an absolute must-see. It took a lot of driving then a lot of walking to get to the cliffs, but boy oh boy was it worth it!

The cliffs are vast so picking a point in which to start was a challenge in itself. We found a spot away from the usual tourist parking area, deep within the countryside. We parked the car in a small public parking lot behind a house and donated some change in a box for the parking. Then we hiked upward passing through vast pastures and hordes of endless cows and sheep that stared at us while we made our way through to the cliffs.


A few of the locals
This little wiring was all the stood between the cows and us

Our cow-filled trail ended when we were faced with a small fence and a stack of rocks. To reach the cliffs, we had to open this small fence, or as Danny did, leap over the rocks, then we had the cliffs to ourselves.

The walk from the parking lot to the cliffs took about a half hour but once we saw the cliff our collective jaws hit the beautiful lush Irish grass. It was like scenery straight out of an epic fantasy film.

We stood in complete awe of the magnificent cliffs as they stretched perfectly over the blue ocean.

Feast your eyes
My body is not ready for this!
At the end of the trail
My reaction when I first laid eyes on the cliffs
I did my little dance. Don’t worry as I was on a leash

I couldn’t believe that I was standing on the cliffs of Moher and the best part was that we found an area and had it all to ourselves. As much I love tourists and travelers and I myself am one, I wanted to see this natural wonder without standing in a line waiting for people to finish taking their selfies.

Danny and I having a good stretch and a laugh at the Cliffs
I think I smell a leprechaun!

We stayed and gazed at the wondrous cliffs for a couple of hours and we noted how time flies when you’re in a gorgeous spot. We walked about and viewed the cliffs from different angles. After spending a while here, I noticed how clean the air seemed and how fresh the grass smelled. Of course I marked my territory and proudly proclaimed that I, Rocky the Bull Terrier, have deemed this site explored.

The weather during this period, which was early in the summer, was still a bit breezy and being as high up as we were, we felt slight gusts of wind, which could be scary if you’re looking down from the cliffs!


I couldn’t get enough of the cliffs
Notice Danny’s jacket slightly blowing in the chilly wind
We noticed a nicely stacked group of rocks near the cliff. Work of the leprechauns perhaps?

After roaming around the area we turned back for the long walk to our car just as the sun was starting to set.

Walking through a trail that leads to the a whole other side of the cliffs
It sure was a bit windy!
Rolling around in Ireland’s fresh grass!

Our way back I tried my best to hop over the rocks to get back on the trail, but I simply wasn’t tall enough.

A little help?
Almost got it

Once we reached our car it was time to go back east and explore Dublin and the Wicklow Mountains. Oh and maybe find some leprechauns, if we’re lucky!

See you on the next one my friends!

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